Farting Bob, Your Midevil Mart xls spreadsheet iz da bomb! <


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Farting Bob, Your Midevil Mart xls spreadsheet iz da bomb!

:worship: Thank you for this hady dandy tracker :worship: :thumbsup:


Thanks from me also.

But a little complaint: The font you're using is not the most pleasing to the eye.

Yours: Topi
its by death dealer, i take no credit for it! i mearly put it on a reliable site for download.
direct all credit to death_dealer pls!
(althoguh its nice havign a thread praising me, so please continue...)


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The Medieval Mart has it's own font embedded in the excel file called ArnoldBoeD, you can change it yourself for the tables, just not for the frontpage or for the Stats page, as those two pages have protected formulas. Also you can remove the pictures from other pages if it loads too slowly for you...

With Office XP or newer, you can also override it's font settings entirely, and that's also what I'm doing with it, as I also find the font used there to be pretty horrible. Also there's some mistakes in the comments, mainly typos and such, but there are few values that are wrong also. I've fixed some of them (the ones I've found anyway), if anyone wants the tables, I can upload them either to my website or the spfladder site for downloading.