Farming small charms and Normal HC


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I was wondering where is a good place to find fine small charms and if possible can they be found in normal difficulty.

I'm testing out Montesquieu the frost zealot, and so far I've decided to see how decked out I can get my HC chars with items strictly from normal difficulty.

He's fun but I'm lacking in the charm department. Aurora the javazon is level 72 from running baal and she is a blast I forgot how fun spamming LF was. Monty and Aurora are untwinked self found but I'm not opposed to sharing gear.


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Normal Baal must have dropped his entire repertoire of loot in the time it took you to level this high!


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In order to spawn 'fine' an SC must be at least level 42 and i don't think there are any monsters of that level (or higher) anywhere in Normal Acts 1 to 4 (even Diablo is only lvl 40). A quick glance over Act 5 monster levels shows that the earliest place to find them seems to be WSK 1. Since the monster level in normal is not tied to the area level you have fluctuations in that number within the same area and so some monster types can drop those while others can't (or can only do so if they are champions or uniques).

Your best bet should be the Throneroom where everyone except the witches can drop those charms.

And congrats on the normal only lvl 72, that is unheard of :D


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How..-How far are you trying to bring these Normies? Lvl 72-73 must be some hundred hours already?


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I think your best bet would be fine large charms. Am I right in thinking that the large charms would need to be level 28? And I don't know how to do the math, but can they drop from the RoF super chests?

OH hey, the cow alvl is 28 ;)


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IIRC I got lvl 66 from normal baal with a singer and not THAT much effort. He's level 60, I think, so level 70 shouldn't be toooo hard with the right build.

72, on the other hand?

Anyway, I don't know about fine small charms specifically, but I would guess the highest alvl that you can speed through on p8 would be ideal. Lots of objects or lots of monsters.