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Farming routes for new inferno player

Discussion in 'Diablo 3 General Discussion' started by muscus, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. muscus

    muscus IncGamers Member

    Apr 30, 2011
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    Hello all, long time lurker here. I've finally gotten through inferno and can clear it without too much trouble now. My question is where should I spend most of my time farming? I've heard lots of people say act3, but where in act3? I've been doing seigebreaker runs but I've found nothing! so far.
    Also, if I use MP1 or MP2, in terms of farming, it only increases my MF right? The monsters themselves arn't any different in terms of what they can drop?

    Thanks in advance all!
  2. xvDirtyDvx

    xvDirtyDvx IncGamers Member

    Jan 27, 2013
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    I'm new as of Christmas... I was always online checking the best routes. And honestly this is what I've found...

    All these sites were saying loot A3 doin Alk Runs on Hell mode MP10... blah blah blah... It is all fine and dandy there... You still get killer gold (And if gold hunting, that's what I'd do) but your loot... Is lacking.

    I just finally ventured into MP1-4 on Inferno. Suddenly, my loot rocks. Not the quantity... The quality. I just changed my MP 3-4 days ago, and have already found 3 set items. My first ever. It didn't happen until I changed the MP. Now I understand about the MF/GF increasing with the MP... However... I noticed a quality increase in my items since changing the MP. My MF has never lacked that much that 1 or 2 MP levels should change the quality of loot that much. I am getting a legendary now almost every other run.

    Now the run I'm doing... are my own key runs.

    I'm on MP4 (Usually lately)...

    Act 1 - Imprisoned Angel

    Warp to Festering Woods... Find Warriors Rest, kill champion, Town portal out
    Warp to Festering Woods... Find Ancients Crypt, kill champion, Town portal out (I get killer XP here if I can get a massacre... Usually 90 monsters worth)
    Warp to Leorics Manor.. run to Courtyard, kill possible champion on way. In Courtyard find the Elite or Champion, Town Portal out
    Warp to Forsaken Cemetary... Clear out each Crypt
    Warp to Fields of Misery... Clear out until Key Warden... Repeat.

    I do any and all Events on the way. I dont cut any piece short. If I have 5 stacks by the time I finish Leorics... I still go to the Cemetary and clear that out. I'll usually get at least 1 legendary every other run, not counting keys.

    I also like to finish the run with a Whimseyshire and/or Butcher... But I don't always.

    I just make sure the Keywarden is last not only for the 5 stacks, but his loot usually rocks even if a key doesnt drop. He drops most of my legendaries.

    Act 2 Black Soulstone

    I start in Vault of The Assasin.. Clear it out (I dont always clear.. If I'm on one end, and there is still another section in the other corner, I end it there.. I dont waste my time looking everywhere). and Town Portal
    Warp Point to Path of the Oasis and go down into the Sewers. There is usually an elite right by the door, but sometimes you have to run thru the cave for him. Usually see a treasure goblin here too. Depending where I find the elite... I either Town Portal or just go to the exit and end back up at Path of the Oasis.

    I then just clear this out until I find the Keywarden... again I do all events I can find.

    Act 3 Heart of Sin

    Here I do a basic Alk run.. Core of Arreat in reverse... Warp to Cursed Tower Lvl 1, do in a circle, Town Portal, Warp to Crater lvl 2, work to end...

    I just clear all 5 of those sections out in reverse if you look at the Warp Selections. Once done there I go to StoneFort and kill the warden. Now if I'm done with this run and I feel like finishing off and moving to another act... I tend to just kill Azmodan.

    The loot here is pretty good too.

    But so far the best loot I've found is all in Act 1. I've found more of it with that run... I am doing the run a little quicker.. and it just seems to be going smoother. I should prob not be on Inferno MP 4 on Act 2 or 3 quite yet is what it is lol.

    Anyways, I know these are long key runs, because they aren't just for keys... The loot I'm finding is amazing.

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