Farewell...at least for a while


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Farewell...at least for a while

Fellow SPs,

Thank you all for the great time I've had here in this community. As school, piano, math and robotics are all dragging me down in time, I've decided to quit D2 for a while. probably a few years...maybe forever. At least finishing highschool.

As some of you (maybe none) have noticed I havn't had many posts for the past few months. I may be back from time to time but probably rarely playing.

I wont forget you guys for the sense of unity youve all shown over the past few years. I'll miss you all, especially the few I've known for all this time and the great contributors to the SPF.

Thank you all and farewell!

May all your drops be gold and green!



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I'm sorry to see you go, Oblivion.

Good luck finishing up high school! You know this, but the doors here are always open.


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Sad to see another older member go, but if I was smart I would stop and try to finish highschool before I did more d2. I am hoping to do both :)
I am sure this is not a real good bye just that you will be absent for awhile.


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Hate to see ya go.

I had the same idea a few months ago, but things didn't work out.

Currently I'm doing better than I've done since the fourth grade, meaning no Cs, Ds, or Fs.

Back on topic... Good luck with finishing off high school.


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Thanks all,

see if it was just "finishing" highschool it wouldn't be a problem at all, but i'm aiming for Biomedical Engineering or Medical Sciences at University of Toronto, same for MIT or Aerospace at Waterloo.

That woudl mean average above 95. Currently its around low 90s so I need to work my butt off these last two years since they count.

I remember one of the forumites being a retired math teacher? was it Shagsbeard? or someone else?

Any help academically would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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Only two types of people leave the SPF.

n00bs and h4x0rz

I think we all know which one you are, Oblivion. :uhhuh: :teeth:

*ninja vanishes*


*forgets to run after ninja smoke*

*slowly backs out of the room*


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may all your drops be gold and green, i remember when they made that!

and yeah, congrats for putting more important thing first, its not easy.

never forget tho, this is an awesome game, and if you ever go crazy from the real world, just relax in d2 for a few hours!


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Blech ... all yucky universities.

You need to go to Simon Fraser ... my alma mater. :lol:

Just kidding. Waterloo has an awesome rep as well as UoT. Great education.

Glad to hear that you are concentrating on what's important. Good luck with your studies.

You see, you can always play D2 ... but when it comes down to real life you gotta do it right from the beginning. It's way too hard to catch up later on. Finish off school and then play D2 while duty doctoring. That's what my friends do. Well, not D2 anyways ...


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Sorry to see you go...Good decision though. I'm sure glad I didn't discover Diablo II before I finished school...now that would have been a disaster. Good luck with those grades, sounds a bit tough but I'm sure you'll do just fine.
Well hope you do well at school. Ity seems i choose D2 over school, and thats something i might regret later, but hey, im enjoying it now!


you're definitely doing the right thing. i stayed away from intense gaming until i finished high school and i'm happy to have done so. good luck with school and all!