Fanat Zealot or Avenger???


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Fanat Zealot or Avenger???

I want to make a good paladin for pvm only that can get through the game by himself. I was wondering what Pally would be better, a fanaticism zealot or an avenger. I can affort medium lvl equip..a.k.a. net worth is about 4 ums if I traded in all equip.

Zealot: high physical damage but what about physical immunes?

Avenger: high resists, but can I get the equipt to bring my resists to 80 or 95 with templer? also, lots of monster immunes in hell???

I would appreciate any advice. I would use the char to run the game and mf. I don't have any experience with either so I'm not sure which would be more viable. Thanks for the help!


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i like the avenger personally

both are good for pvm but i prefer the avenger

zealot is great also because zeal > vengeance when dealing with crowds, but physicial immunes and IM from oblivion knights make zeal more diffcult. if u decide to go this route i suggest a alternate weapon on switch to deal with those 2. my suggestion glimmershred or hell rack, both have pretty good elemenatal damage and range.

as for avengers, sure there are monsters with elmental immunes but remeber u are doing cold, fire and lite damage, so those with 2 immunes there are still vulnerable to the third. secondly with conviciton u may be able to remove immunties. in hell the lvl 25 cap on conviction may not be enough to remove immunites but that should make the monster ever more vulnerable to the 3rd element. as for resistance, if im dealing with heavy elemetals(gloams, black souls, etc) i actually use the elemental resistance. If u use the avenger guide that is in the guide sticky, the author suggest 10 to each elemental resistance because of synergies and hidden max resist. but when u are surrounded by gloams i actually turn lite res on and i have no problems with them, sure i lose killing effectiveness but its a small price to pay for survival