Famine --- TalIthAmnThul


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Famine --- TalIthAmnThul


does anyone know if this runeword have been enabled in the 1.10


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Famine was supposed to be active in 1.09, but they never did.

They changed its stats and runes to make it for 1.10.

Famine works in 4 socket axes/hammers

+30% Increased Attack Speed
+320-370% Enhanced Damage (varies)
Ignore Target's Defense
Adds 180-200 Magic Damage
Adds 50-200 Fire Damage
Adds 51-250 Lightning Damage
Adds 50-200 Cold Damage
12% Life Stolen Per Hit
Prevent Monster Heal
+10 To Strength


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LovelyGods said:
Famine wasn't active in .09

but they changed stats on it on .10 and made it better.
i thought it was activein 1.09. i had a famine ogre maul that my druid used. with 255 str, lvl 20 fury, and no items other than the famine, my druid did 4.6k dmg. not bad for a naked .09 char. too bad somebody stole it, acct name R325R32. thx alot man, for stealing my famine and whistans guard and wut else u stole while i was xfering. u been a really good "friend"