Family Guy


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Family Guy

So, who saw the new one? My favorite parts were when Brian and Stewie were parenting and went to see Tucker and the Bed Bath and Beyond joke. Ahh...good show.


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I was just happy that it wasn't a let down after all my anticipation. I enjoyed the whole episode.


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Yeah, definitely a quality episode. The intro joke was spectacular though. I'm glad to see they picked up right where they left off.

This episode of American Dad wasn't bad either, much much better than the first episode that was after the superbowl.


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Family Guy was great, hopefully they continue with the same strength and edginess. It seemed like they have a bigger animation budget this time around too.

American Dad is very meh though. It won't last next to Family Guy.


I thought the comic book part was hilarious, when they crashed their car.
American Dad on the other hand...I left half way through...Did not think it was funny, at all.


This family guy was true to the old ones and I'm very glad for it. But has Lois's voice changed?

I laughed a lot at American Dad. But I probably liked it for different reasons.

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I really enjoyed today's episode. If all episodes were this funny, I would be satisfied. Most of the times, there would be 2-3 really unique funny things that happen in a show, but today's episode, I've lost count. The comic book, the christians not believing in gravity are for sure in there.

American Dad turned out how I had expected it... its going to die down... fast. It was funny, but the potential and clichés will get old soon.


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"Francine, I can see your schmutzclitzen!" (from the pilot of American Dad, not tonight's.)

Haha. Stewie spanked Chris.


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I honestly have never seen one episode of Family Guy. I almost bought the DVD collection at best buy yesterday, only because everyone tells me it's so damn funny.


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Family Guy was good as usual.

but i thought American Dad was pretty good.
So far ive seen both - i think its OK, but i also think they can make it into something really good.

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I really missed Family Guy...

"Kucinich '04"

American Dad was astoundingly better than the first episode, which gets it into that mediocre range, which is a better place to be than before atleast

the movie references did sort of telegraph themselves

Blues Brothers?

and there wasn't much funny to them aside from being movie references, oh well


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I liked them burning fox at the beginning...
"we've been canceled... but if all 40 of those shows bite it, we might have a shot."