False Bans are real


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I came home last night from dinner to find I was banned. The email did not give any specific reason, just a eula violation.
Given I have never had a bot nor a macro, I wondered what they claim I have done.

I sent off a reply, but it says they do not have to look at my support ticket. So there is no recourse and I am out the price of D3 and RoS and do not know why.

I have somewhere around 8 thousand hours of play and am only PP1120. Not a very good player as I am 70. The only issue I can think of, is that I use the num pad. I do not use num lock to fire off actions. I am left handed and use the num pad for replacement of the qwert keys.

I have to hit each key for all actions. I play solo, I am not in any clans. I post this only so that those who, like I had been, that are thinking there are not cheating and have nothing to worry about. You may not be as safe as you think.

If they should reinstate me, I will have no assurances that they may decide I am doing something wrong in the future. They never told me, what I did wrong in the past and if they do I have no idea what I could do about it. Since afaik, I am doing nothing wrong.


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Yes, but the email says "Our support staff will not overturn these closures and may not respond to appeals. For information, see our article".

So I do not hold out much hope. I have reread the email and it seems to say I was using a bot. That is not possible. I must be the worse botter of all time. My highest gr is 74. My PP is 1120, many pass that in the first month of a new season, while it has taken me till now, with nearly daily play. I play mostly solo and was not running gr that much till the last few months.

I am rarely on after about 11pm, my time. So they feel fine, stealing my game, that I paid for with no recourse for me to even make my case. Worse is that they stole some of my enjoyment. No due process for Blizzard users, just out you go. Back to non online tbs games for me, it would seem.


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Well as someone who is a lefty and uses the numpad for my skills as you do, I can at least confirm I've definitely had no problems using those. Seems like that would be a daft reason for a ban.

Being devil's advocate I would say you don't need a high paragon to be botting....using one for 5 minutes could get you banned and wouldn't reflect much in your paragaon level, so citing time played vs paragon wouldn't necessarily say much.

Either way if you are innocent I wish you the best in your efforts to get unbanned.


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Thanks, I think. The problem is that they do not have to tell me what metric they used to make that determination. Anyway, it no longer matters. It is out of my system and I would not play, if they did change their minds. I hated the idea that I could wake up and find out the system was down and I could do nothing to play.

Then they would miss the start time of the maint or miss the end time and I was just out of luck. In the early days the game would just crash or lag badly. I foolishly put up with it. Now that they have kicked me in the nuts and stole the money I paid for the game and the time I put it, I see no need to accept that they can take a dump on me any time they wish and I can do nothing about it.