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*The game has begun*

All Role PM's have gone out.

9/10 Players confirmed.

People Alive:
3. Noammr
7. Wanjai
8. TheFranklin
10. Pyrotechnician

People Dead:

These poor souls died during the game.

1. Prestige 7 (Myrna, neutral)
2. Zemaj (Marty Mcfly, neutral)
3. CaluinGraye (Moe Cronin, scum)
4. Zarniwoop (Deezer, scum)
5. D2DC (modkilled)
6. Noodle (Super Mutant Suicider, neutral)

People Dead Before The Game Started:
These poor souls died in the Prologue.

11. Leopold Stotch +
12. LozHinge the Unhinged +
13. Dredd +
14. Warng1286 +
15. Ankeli +
16. Zokar +
17. Marahumm +
18. Bad Ash +
19. Krishan +
20. Kestegs +
21. Spawn of Asbestos +


Totals, Modnotes and other stuff
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***Roles are not randomly assigned this game, I'm experimenting with hand picked roles***

***Night actions are resolved via Reasonable Action Resolution System***


***For this game, Flavor is more than just Flavor, it can indicate what happeed during the night, etc***

1) You do not talk about your role or any other relevant information concerning the game outside this thread. If you do it's a modkill, no questions asked.

2) If you post at night I will kill you, no matter what.

3) If you edit your post I will kill you. This includes editing for spelling mistakes.

4) If your role allows you to communicate with others during the night, feel free to do so via PM, Private QT, instant messaging or any other form you choose. Only those roles expressly allowed to communicate privately with each other at night are allowed to. If you have any questions, contact me privately.

4B) Night actions: They must be sent to me via PM, not in a QT thread. I will use the forum clock timestamp to determine when I receive them and if they count or not.

4C) Countdown timer: I will use the same count down timer site that Caluin Gray used in the previous game and that I used the game before.

5) Once you're dead, stay that way. Dead people tell no tales, or in this case, dead people make no posts. Suck up your death and keep watching and rooting for your team. There's always the next round. This includes the forum's "Like Feature". Please refrain from using it AT ALL during the game. Use of The Dead Thread/Spectator Thread is not mandatory but is encouraged.

6) Every player gets one vote to lynch on another player during the day phase. Votes must be BOLDED No nicknames please, if I can't figure out who you're voting for, the vote will not count. Period. Votes must also be properly formatted, I.E. VOTE: NAME

7) Lynches require a majority of votes: (number of living players/2) +1, rounded down. The Player with the majority of votes at the end of the day will be lynched, unless game mechanics prevent this. Players may vote to no lynch (VOTE: NO LYNCH )

8) Any posts that come AFTER the end day post or the intended end day time will not be counted, unless specified by the host. This includes votes. Also posts made after deadline may result in a mod kill.

9) Never post anything in the thread that shouldn't be known to the town. Don't flame in the thread. If you have a problem with anything in the thread, please PM me and I'll do my best to handle it.

10) Any player may claim any role. I.E. Any player may claim to be something that they are not.

11) Do not post any information sent to you in a pm, including your original role PM. This includes, but is not limited to, numbers of words/letters/punctuation marks. If you want to claim a role, don't copy paste the PM I sent you. You may hint and breadcrumb (leave clues in posts) as to your role if you wish. Just remember, anyone can see what you post.

12) I won't be telling you the starting roles. I won't be telling you how many mafia there are or if they can recruit or not. The factions in play are Scum faction, Neutral Faction, and Town Faction. Neutral may be anti town or town aligned in nature. Mafia have Pre-Game talk and Day Talk. Mafia also have fake claims.

13) Day lasts 48 hours and night lasts 24 hours.

14) Do not post at night or edit or I will mod kill you.

15) You will get mod killed if you are inactive (at least 2 contributive posts a day phase) or you get a forum temp ban. This is hard enforced.

16) Mod Kills: Mod kills reveal no flip information at all whatsoever. Anyone suggesting using mod kills as a strategy to gain information will be modkilled themselves with no flip info. You have been warned.

Example: The Silver Shroud has been modkilled. That's it. Nothing else.

17) Setup:

This game is possibly bastard in nature, and even more unconventional then Big Trouble in Little China was, as it incorporates significant game-changing mechanics that can and likely will affect players who may not know about those rules, though there is no cult present. This game is not a multiball setup (does not have 2 mafia factions opposing each other), including but not limited to Weather and Item drops. Lynches and NK's are not guaranteed. I've gone over this to try and make it as balanced as possible with counter roles, if-then rule sets, and specifics for various situations.

Weather: Each night I will roll for a random weather pattern to occur. The weather will have an effect on night actions. Weather patterns include: Clear Weather, Rain, Thunderstorm, Fog, Rad Storm, Darker Night, Plasma Storm

Item Drops consist of wearable or useable items, or food or drug type items

Some of these have a use. (some may counter the negative effects of the weather at night for example)

Some do not.

Some may have unforseen sideffects.

They are all passive in nature

I will random roll for a drop, the first person to quote the post with an item drop takes possession. Any possible item bonus lasts for one night period only. Possible side effects may last one night or longer. Anyone may grab any item that drops, provided that they are the first person to quote the drop post. Any player may grab any item in an attempt to prevent other players from getting such items.

The item drops are as follows: Rad X, Hazmat Suit, Night Vision Goggles, Welding Goggles, Therm-a-Goggles, Stimpaks and Stealthboy.

The food and drug/medicine drops are as follows: Nuka Cola, Pink Paste, Fancy Lads Snack Cakes, Mentats, Daddy-O, Blamco Mac and Cheese, Radstag Steak, Grilled Radroach, Canned Dogfood, and Bobrov's Best moonshine.

Special rule as to drops and claiming them: Since drops are random, they may occur during the night phase. Everyone is allowed to post at night in order to quote (and claim) a drop if they choose to. The first person to quote any item drop claims the item, any quotes of the same drop do not count for possession. Any other type of night posting (I.E. talking or voting ot anything other than a quote of an item drop) is disallowed and can draw a mod kill.

All items are passive in nature and if an effect is provided, it is only for the duration of the night period for that day. For example if a drop occurs during a day phase, theeffect of the item in question is good the the following night. If the drop occurs during a night phase than the effect of that item is good for the current night phase only, it expires at dawn unless it's an item that causes something to happen during the day.

18) Use of the forum's "like posts" feature is disallowed for this game.

19) Trying to find a loophole in the rules or bypass the rules counts as disregarding the rules and will resulty in a warning, possibly a modkill. Don't ruin the game for others.

20) Mis-spelling or mis-wording does not create a new rule or a loophole. If in doubt, ask VIA PM.

21) Endgame situations: The game will end in a scum when and if the town cannot pull more than 50% of the vote. In the case of a stale mate where neither the town nor the scum can NK the other team or control the lynch, the game will end in a tie. I may remove the "NO-LYNCH" vote option in endgame.

22) Suggested but not required: For info as to the lore in Fallout 4, head over to The Noodle Compound Thread and watch the posted videos by ShoddyCast, strting with post #36628, on Page #1832 through post #36641 on page 1833

23) Everyone has been inflicted by "Synth-Paranoia-Syndrome" during day one. In order to remove this, everyone must have a vote to lynch on someone else at the end of day one or death occurs. People not voting (or voting a no lynch) at the end of day 1 will die. This game will start with a Night Phase.

24) Read the rules once more. Have Fun! Good luck! May the best team win.
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Update: Role PM's have gone out.

9/10 players have confirmed.

The game will start when I have 9/10 players confirm their role PM.
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The year is 2290. It has been 210 years since the Great War. The United States as it was known, had ceased to exist long before The Great War itself, and split into what became known as Thirteen Commonwealths. In the years since, most of what is - or was the various American Commonwealths fell apart into what is now collectively known as The Wasteland.

The New England Commonwealth was comprised of the former states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. In the years that followed The Great War, and following total nuclear annihilation, most of the Commonwealth was reduced to a war-ravaged quagmire of violence and despair, like much of the rest of the former United States. There was no such thing as a police force, national guard, or anything of the sort. Aside for The Minutemen, which were scarce, the residents of The Commonwealth were largely on their own. This meant when when it came to blows, or gun fire as it often did, things only ended when either the victim or the assailant lay dead in the street, on the side of the road or impaled on a pike.

Things were even worse for the people of The Commonwealth, who were regularly harassed by gangs of Raiders, Gunners, Super Mutants, Synths, Feral Ghouls, mutated monsters or other people out to steal and kill.

Life in The Commonwealth is harsh, abandoned vehicles litter roads everywhere, their fule sources still viable, as gasoline went out of use long ago. Shoot one of these vehicles and the nuclear super coolant fuel will likely explode in a large mushroom cloud, sending anyone near to certain and very warm death.Multi level freeways built well above ground have collapsed, cars and trucks still on them. Over time, buildings partially collapsed onto those freeways, creating new places for common robbers and thieves to harass people people from, though they themselves had to fend off attacks from Gunners and more dangerous monsters.

The people of The Commomwealth are largely untrusting, people in the northern part of The New England Commonwealth regularly have to fend off attacks by various Raider Gangs, packs of Feral Ghouls, and are never sure if the next person they meet might be a synth or not. People further south, in the central area of The Commonwealth, tend to have to deal with attacks by Supermutants and Gunners as well as Raiders and Ghouls. Further south west and south east, lie the ruins of Boston itself. This is where the most dangerous inhabitants of The Commonwealth are found, Super Mutant Behemoths, Rad Scorpions, blood sucking Stingwings, hideously mutated sea life in the form of Mirelurks, and of course...Deathclaws. This is where our story begins…..

There were 20 Residents of The Pre War Commonwealth and one guest who arrived quite by accident. Making the total number of victims...er players 21.

Eleven of these poor souls did not survive up to present day. The surviving ten were either born after The Great War, or got to the current point in time via differing circumstances.

Some did not have a chance, like SpawnofAsbestos. He happened to be at ground zero just as one of the bombs hit, trolling the locals as history records. He never saw the bomb, nor the flash and the mushroom cloud. He was burned to ash and then blown away almost instantly.

Most of the others made it into one of the many vaults, unaware of the true and sinister purpose those vaults were intended for by non other than Vault-Tec.

One of those, Ankeli made it into Vault 29 and became an FEV Mutant, at first, he seemed to be an ordinary ghoul. But he was later distinguished some years by a tree growing out of his head. He became known as the Tree stump, and the tree, which seemed to have a life of its own, became Bob.

Dredd was another lucky one, well he thought he was lucky to have made it into a vault himself. Dredd made it into Vault 77. But this was the end of his luck, instead of living with any number of people, all Dredd had for company was a crate full of puppets. The lone inhabitant of Vault 77 soon went insane and after some time, eventually abandoned the vault after “murdering” one of the puppets. Nothing is known about what became of him after.

Being on an airplane wasn’t any better. Enroute from Germany to The United States Commonwealth was a high ranking member of the top secret Hamburg Counter-Intelligence-Agency, or The CIA. He was only known by his codename: Krischan. His flight was critically damaged by the shockwave from the nuclear bomb that his Boston. His plane crashed in what is now known as The Glowing Sea, killing everyone on board.

The rest did make it into various vaults around what was The United States, Bad Ash made it into Vault 106. This vault became Bad Ash’s personal hell. Not only were the walls, floors, ceilings, doors and almost every other surface type made of mirrors, there were life size cutouts and mannequins of Bad Ash’s arch enemy everywhere, and as an experiment, the overseer instructed the vault to be filled with colorless and odorless psychoactive drugs into the air filtration system exactly 10 days after the door was sealed. The drugs caused hallucinations which led to all of the vault residents' insanity.

LozHinge the Unhinged and Warng1286 made it into Vault 87, A Forced Evolutionary Virus (F.E.V.) research and testing facility. The residents were exposed to the FEV in locked chambers where scientists would observe their changes. In two weeks, the subjects underwent changes that gave birth to super mutants and centaurs. What happened to the two of them is unknown. There were no bodies.

Marahumm became a resident of Vault 112. He may still be there, hooked up to a virtual realty simulation that went wrong. All residents of Vault 112 were placed in suspended animation and connected to a virtual reality simulator, where they thought they would live a "perfect" virtual life indefinitely. Unfortunately, Dr. Stanislaus Braun held absolute control of the simulation and used it to torture the residents for his own pleasure.

Zokar and Leopold Stotch were supposed to have made it into the same vault, however Vault-Tec always has its own plans.

After being told that they had to be “decontaminated” before they could proceed to orientation and join the general population of the vault they were supposed to have been in, both Leopold Stotch and Zokar were given a “decontaminating injection” and woke up in separate vaults.

Zokar awoke in Vault 69, a vault with no light stronger than 40 watt bulbs, no other men, no children...and 999 women who all had only one thing on their mind thanks to a drug Vault-Tec introduced via the ventilation system.

Leopold Stotch awoke in Vault 68, a vault with no light stronger than 40 watt bulbs, no other women, no children… and 999 men who all had only one thing on their mind thanks to a drug Vault-Tec introduced via the ventilation system.

Leopold Stotch, LozHinge The Unhinged, Warng1286, Dredd, Ankeli, Zokar, Marahumm, Bad Ash, Krischan, Kestegs and Spawn of Asbestos have died

Still alive:

1. Noodle
2. Jamez
3. Noammr
4. D2DC
5. Caluin Graye
6. Zarniwoop
7. Wanjai
8. TheFranklin
9. Prestige 7
10. Pyrotechnician

Day 1: Everyone currently alive is afflicted with "Synth Paranoia Syndrome."

-because of the synth paranoia syndrome, anyone that does not have a vote of some kind on the official tally will die, meaning those that do not vote at all will die.

It is now daytime. You may talk and post freely, with 10 players alive, it will take 6 votes to lynch (Lynches require a majority of votes: (number of living players/2) +1, rounded down. The day will last 48 hours, ending at approx. 8:30 CST on Sunday 11/12/2017

Good luck and have fun all!
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To clarify on the item drops:

Some are purely cosmetic like the pink paste.

Some will have an immediate effect during the day.

I might comment on the above two.

Some are strictly meant for the night phase, I wont comment on those.


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The rest did make it into various vaults around what was The United States, Bad Ash made it into Vault 106. This vault became Bad Ash’s personal hell. Not only were the walls, floors, ceilings, doors and almost every other surface type made of mirrors, there were life size cutouts and mannequins of Bad Ash’s arch enemy everywhere, and as an experiment, the overseer instructed the vault to be filled with colorless and odorless psychoactive drugs into the air filtration system exactly 10 days after the door was sealed. The drugs caused hallucinations which led to all of the vault residents' insanity.
This is obviously Noodle's doing, any comment Noodle?

Nice to see the mod killing half the spf. Pretty funny.
I'm amused, I didn't realize Silver hated so many people.

@Pyrotechnician that was my foot fungus cream!! I hope you didn't eat it!! :confused:
They say it has health benefits!