Fallout 2 tips


Fallout 2 tips

Hey, I just started playing a new game of Fallout 2 after a year and some hiatus. I've always played the same sort of character and I'm looking for something new. This time I'm going to do everything evil-like. Not slaughtering everyone in sight evil, but more just taking all the evil dialogue and action options.

Anyways, what's your favourite type of character to play? What stats do you jack up and which are your favourite perks?


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I tend to play a sniper style char. High perception and intelligence. A little luck doesn't hurt. For perks I like bonus move and quick pockets although there are a few useful sniper perks, they tend to be available quite late in the game. Small guns is a must as rifles and shotguns are good weapons for this char also the gauss gun is fun near the end. Energy weapons is also useful as a turbo plasma gun to the eye takes out most non-power armored opponents.


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The most fun I´ve ever had with that game was the second time I played it. Charisma, intelligence and sex appeal on a female char= the funnies. That´s how you get the most out of the dialogue.


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I dunno wether youve been to NMA before but theres a load of Mods and stuff to try out

You cant put a bullet in the back of Lynettes head(Vault City) ,For old times sake

Don't forget to be a porn star in New Reno


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*****SPOILERS BELOW!******

It was a while since i last played, but i usually play like this(walkthrough):

Sex: Female
Age: 17
Name: -insert femme fatal name here, usually Alita-
Class Type: Sniper/Infiltrator

Str - 6(+4 from APAMKII)
Agi - 8
End - 4
Cha - 8
Int - 10
Per - 5
Luc - 6
Total: 47 as always with Gifted.

Skills: Small guns, Speech and Lockpick.
Traits: Gifted and Sex Appeal.

I start out with heading to Klamath, doing the usual stuff like picking up my buddy, doing miniquests, visit the car wreck etc. I then save and head straight to Navarro. Yes, i said Navarro. I infiltrate the base like you would do later on and i pick up the Advanced Power Armour (still at level 2, maybe 3) and the vertibird blueprints and the key thingie. I then head over to New Reno and pick up a sniper rifle and maybe a .233 pistol. I do the Boxer quest and some Mafia quests(i get Myron) while i'm at it. I'm now adequately armed. The Voice Recognition Module is also important.
I hop over to the upgrade-for-free guy and upgrade my buddy's stuff. I go to Vault City, get the fake pass and pick up Cassidy. I do the plow quest and the beer quest, too. I then proceed into the vault(everyone knows how to exploit the bug, right?) and loot it. I use Mentats to boost my PER to 10 and then use the computer... This allows me to add a lot of locations to my Pipboy.
I have a chat with the 1st citizen and do the gecko quest and i also the my Super Toolkit for the car thingie. After i've fixed the plant(which is damn easy) i head back and become a citizen.
Time to go to NCR. I slaughter the Raider Base while i'm at it. I also stop by Modoc and get Marcus. At NCR i sell my stuff to the midget, buy a LOT of .233 ammo and steal a Bozar for Marcus. I do the usual quests(kill slavers, chip for Tandi, etc).
I stop by Vault 15, do the quest and locate vault 13. Then it's time to get the GECK. I fix the computer for the Deathclaws at V13 and pick up the GECK along with the IFF(vital for the tanker).
I go back to the village in order to trigger the second part of the main quest(i'd rather skip this, but i can't go to the oil platform otherwise).
San Francisco is next on my list. I pick up the Gauss Gun, get the Jet Antidote, pick up a lot of ammo, stimpacks etc... The Kung Fu quest is also pretty easy, so i do that too. I chat with the BoS guy and get the quest for the blueprints. I got them early on so i just show them to him and i'm in. The weapons are good for money=more ammo and stims. I use the modules i've found, usually STR and INT. The guys with the Emperor(whatever they're called) want me to kill the Hubologist leader and Give them the vertibird blueprints in exchange for letting me access the Emperor. Fair enough. I join the Hubologists and kill the leader with the Super Stimpack exploit(everyone knows how it's done, right?). I hand them the blueprints and bam! I have access to the Emperor. One fuel transfer later i head to the tanker, save the girl(lots of EXP for me) and install the IFF device using the key i picked up at Navarro earlier on.
Time for the final level. I use the stealth approach, leaving my party at the entrance... The rest isn't so hard. I convince the scientist to release the FEV, kill the president(his key thingie is nice for the end boss) using the SSP bug and set off the nuke. I go back, use some Mentats to raise my CHA to 10 and convice the team of soldiers to help me kill Horrigan. The key from the president is used to turn the turrets against Horrigan. The rest is very easy... The team moves in, i snipe with the Gauss Gun and the turrets help too... Horrigan falls pretty quickly.
I go to the exit, and i'm done. I've finished the game.

I'm not going to list every single quest i do, but i do everything i can in each city i visit before heading on. Random encounters are pretty self-explainatory.


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The whole sniper deal is rather redundant, though I made one. I made a bunch of other classes too, the list being here:

Physical Sniper
Energy Sniper
Melee Fighter
Tank (i.e. alot of defensive perks.)

Anyway, I made my Physical Sniper use a Vindicator minigun, the results getting me 800+ damage on a good roll. If you want to be very messy, you should make a Minigunner. It's rather fun, especially with the Bloody Mess trait.

Though if you want to a challenge, a thrower is a very tough build, though it's rather badass bringing knifes to a gun fight.

If any of these builds interest you, I could try and recall the stats I used. Generally I max out agility though. Not being able to have ten action points would be like cutting my happy sausage off.

Oh, and does anyone know where I could find Fallout Tactics in any kind of retail nowadays?


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i dunonn what is going on lately, all this fallout 2 business. I don't remember what it was bust something inspired me to install fallout 2 the other dcay. I've been playing it every since. Anaka, just go guns/intelligence. I think i maight start another game of reda lert 1. What do ya think? yayaokakha i cin'at see ****


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OK THIS IS ryour reminder!!!! playy fallout 2 its the2237!!! you also need to go to kmart becuase if yoiu go there they sell this badasse's double pack of fallout 1 and fallout 21. I talked my roomate into buying it and it 3wasy only 10 bucks!! its an awe3some game if you really want to get addited to something play fallout, and if you cain't get enough fallout play fallout tact5icsw.!!!!!


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I've never played Fallout 2, but from what i've read and seen about it, it looks like a game i'd like playing..

now, if only i knew where to get this game..

(pm's are encouraged)


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I usually play with a character something like this:

strength: 5 (+1 chip +4 Armor)
agility: 9 (+1 perk)
endurance: 8/6
charisma: 3 (+1 chip)
intelligence: 9/10
perception: 9/10
luck: 4

bloody mess :D

small guns
big guns/energy weapons

Favourite perks:

+ I will eventually (agility perk) have 10 action points
+ I can have two companions after using the charisma chip
+ I will have loads of skill points (9/10 int means 18/20 skill points)
+ I will have good range with guns (9/10 perception)

- needs Advanced power armor to use heavier weapons
- only one companion before charisma chip
- not so hot dialogs

I think Dosselmeier's idea is good too.