Faith on switch for summoner ?


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Faith on switch for summoner ?

Instead of using a beast, why not use a Faith bow on switch? It can add +2 skills so makes up a little for not using a shield and can be fired from a distance to help out a little. The lvl of Fanat is higher than on beast also.

Also, If you use a hellfire torch it activates regularly and combined with lower resist it can do a decent amount of damage even in hell.

Unless im missing something is there a reason im not seeing people recommend this? Im talking pvm


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necros already have a hard time surviving, taking away that little head the carry would make it worse, also lower resist doesnt effect torch fire. torch fire hurts fire immunes if youve never noticed. kinda spiffy. but odd too. anywho, beast is fine. beast/darkforce/nigma= pwnt.


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I don't see why it wouldn't work in pvm. a necro with a bow could be pretty nifty. it's not really a bad tradeoff seeing as you can get 6 extra levels of fanat at the expense of your shield.

it'll be scary when you tele to focus your skeles and get hit by monsters :undecided:


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i wouldnt...its almost a must to have a head....of anykind...u need a block...i know now u say...but my army is there to stop them ...but those plus to skills on the head will give u more or two...i know prebuffing works with skellies...but thats one less skelly to get in the way when u switch ...and the res and +to other skills and mana reg(homu) among the other stuff it wouldnt be worth it to me...and if i remember correctly the higher lvl fant ...comparing to beast doesnt help out ur monsters all that much,like one more fps......and the party ED does not do anything to write home to mom about...if u get where im coming from...i think it would benifit the summoner to do homu/beast over faith...but im a defensive player :undecided: and i do homu/aokl...and it ownes...but its up to u... its ur char...:thumbsup:


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Unless you're running the WSK, safety shouldn't be of any concern at all. So we can assume you're trying to maximze MF, and you're missing out on holding a Rhyme shield with +3 RS.

The damage you do with your bow isn't going to be ANYthing compared to CE.

All that said, a necro with a bow is fun. :prop:

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Arku said:
Unless im missing something is there a reason im not seeing people recommend this?
Some people do advocate this, but the Beast supporters are more numerous. Plus, you can get an awful lot of good mods from a shield.


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Mad Mantis said:
Some people do advocate this, but the Beast supporters are more numerous. Plus, you can get an awful lot of good mods from a shield.



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Why not put the bow on an act 1 mercenary?

Hm.. I take that back, you are probably using a multi-aura act 2. In fact wearing fanat, while a merc wears holy freeze and pride, would be nice. I think I ought to try that on my skelemancer, although I must show you some support here.

Some people are very fanatic about shields or doing things a certain way (hehe... fanatic... get it?)

You said you're talking pvm. Well, if you have an army of skellies, you aren't going to need the shield as much as if you were, say, a commando or some such. Yes, if you wear that squishy little domepiece, it WILL save your life. However, gaining in the skills and fanat levels makes it so that you aren't giving up the shield for nothing.

Honestly, it's a tradeoff. Try both setups and decide for yourself what suits your style the most.

Your style of play may provide that you seldom get hit yourself, if ever, it could even come down to something like how often you teleport through gobs of monsters. It's advisable to use a shield if you are Mr. Deligated Baal-run-opener, but if you don't do too much of that, and tend to mostly run your army about...

I guess if you were commando, the beast would be best, and if you hang back mostly, the faith would be better.

Edit: Oh, just curious, but if Faith/Beast is your switch, what is your primary? If you are losing summoner levels when you switch, you will be losing those "extra" summons as well, however the differences decide.

If I were using something like that, it would be my primary, and I'd summon with the fanat items on, because when I'm running an army, my switch will always be CtA