Fading as a bowzon with maxed passives?


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Ok I got a treachery on a bowzon and the problem I have is...how do I fade?

With the Dodge/Evade/Avoid all pretty much maxed out, the proc never kicks in...are there any cheesy ways to activate it? Like some sort of an enemy holy fire aura somewhere or something?(can that even trigger fade?, what can trigger fade easily?)


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standing in a fire I think works. Not sure where is the most convenient for that, other than fires near Andy.

Otherwise, flayers with darts or maybe hoarfrosts (or whatever they're called.. the ice breath guys)


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The Basin Wiki's When Struck page should contain a complete list of everything that can trigger when struck: unfortunately this doesn't include any Holy aura or inferno skill like Horror Arctic Blast (it's been a while, so I've just checked those again), but it does include persistent fires like those always found in places like Tristram or Catacombs Level 4 in Act I, to either side of Hadriel in the River of Flame of Act IV or outside Harrogath in Act V.