facet or infinity?


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facet or infinity?

i am not a rich player but i have some good equipment so i decided to build a light sorc. i do over 21k with lightning as my main attack but hell is very rough with all of the immunes. i know that infinity is pretty much necessary for single tree chars, but is a facet a wise choice for a cheap substitution or is it just wasting a socket and a facet for little to no gain?

thanks in advance.


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The -res from facets can not break immunities. The only things that can breake immunities are conviction aura (infinity, or the pally aura way), and lower resists (necro curse)

Facets, and all other gear as well, that lower a resist by xx% are applied after the immunity is broken. If the monster is immune, they won't help.

Facets will help you kill faster, as long as the monster is not immune. For any maxed out char facets come in handy, but if you have troubles with immunes, they wont help you unless you have some way breaking the immunity first. (for example by using infinity).

Either get a merc to handle immunes, put some points in some other element spell (not that funny though), or get infinity.
Infinity combined with facets in equip is of course the most effective way.


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in Europe softcore ladder infinity and a 5/5 light rbf costs about the same, so go first for an infinity.
Rbf's are nice to have but not really necessarily