Facet% fire damage doesnt work with enchant?


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I have a 6os sword with fire facets(currently only 3) and a 20/xx fire monarch on my zon on swap because I thought these would apply higher damage enchant...well apparently they do not seem to do anything

Here lvl 55 chant(do not have swap on)

Here lvl 55 chant( i did swap to the sword+board with those facets before being chanted)


damage did not change...what gives?

Also, what if my zon wears the Enlightenment runeword and equips a bunch of +skills, would the Warmth(which typically synergizes enchant) give me the 9% dmg per lvl?
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only hard points count as synergies, normally. I think druid summons are an exception. So any +warmth won't make a difference.


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+% Fire Skill Damage equipped by your Amazon doesn't apply when Enchant is cast by a Sorceress (or any other character, for that matter): it would only apply if your Amazon cast Enchant herself, or she kept it equipped after being enchanted and then used melee attacks.

As pharphis has already pointed out, only a Sorceress can invest actual skill points in Warmth for its synergy bonus.


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how are you casting the enchant? I think it probably has something to do with that because normally it should work I'm pretty sure. I could trying it out on my sorc really quick if you want to know if it works for sorcs