Faces Page!


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BasTyra said:
I've read 'Faces Page' as 'Faeces Page' from day dot.
We must have similar minds.
Where's your 'tar from???

EDIT: nvm, I didn't realize you were pregnant ;-) congrats.


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BasTyra said:
Oh god no. Hahahaha.

Cheers stompwampa :)

Lol. . . yea.

But really, you could make it like they wanted to do in The Truman Show and have a real live birth streemed en masse to all who wanted to see. . . or not.


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dondrei said:
You Americans and your cruel persecution of dipthongs. What did they ever do to you?
I think it's because they look like French. And we all know what Americans think of French.


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Raena said:
But how do you know the difference between a typo and ignorance?
Thatts why hav5ng a br62en 2eyb6ard 5s very 4sef43 +*

W6w - 5ts rea33y b4ggereed n6w!!

(switches to other keyboard... wow.... those numbers all came from pressing letter keys!)