FA Zon Guide


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FA Zon Guide

I read Freya's guide a while back and copied it to my HD for reference. Since then windows crashed had to reinstall and lost it. I Checked the link and it doesn't work anymore and goes to a list of item sellers. I wanted a copy of that guide as a reference as I'm considering making a FA/LF hybrid untwinked HC. If someone has a copy I would be most appreciative.

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this round is on me! :drink: :buddies:


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Sorry, I had a bad link in our build guide sticky. Thanks L_W for the correct link - fixed now :thumbsup:


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no problem danc133 good luck with the char:thumbsup:

@AE its seems like the foum split broke most links to the guides, i think all are fixed in the specific char forums but you might want to check the rest of the links here in the spf.