FA questions


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FA questions

Hey guys I asked this question in a previous thread but it wasnt answered. (Hopefully not becuase its painfully obvious):blush:

What would be the break points for FA with a GMB.

I've checked in the FA guide and in a few other stickies but couldnt find it.
Is it the same as a normal attack?

Also I'm starting to realize Ice isnt going to cut down cold immunes as fast as I thought even with an Infinity merc.
So I was thinking of having WF on switch to deal some hefty damage since my Dex is pumped pretty high. Good idea? Any other thoughts on switches?
I've heard ppl saying they use Faith on switch but I just spent most of my wealth getting this bow and Infinity.

I'm saying this with out even knowing how much WF is worth on ecsl.
I never seem to get a response to PC's here.
Anways thanks in advance


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FA = normal attack speed

as far as immunes go, it's best to play in areas that have relatively few (cow level is perfect)
guess you could try an alternate bow on swtich though