f_d's 100 Pitties!


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f_d's 100 Pitties!

My old threads were lost in the latest crash, so here's a new one.

I did these with my Poison Necro :)

[Note: ALL runs on players 8. A *--* denotes a new batch of runs on the next day, same mapseed]

*--* BATCH #1
001 - Troll Nest
002 - Sallet
003 - Jagged Star
004 - !nothing!
005 - Grim Wand
006 - Breast Plate
007 - Grim Scythe
008 - Death Mask, Light Plated Boots
009 - !nothing!
010 - Cyptic Sword, Sabre
011 - !nothing!
012 - Double Axe
013 - Zweihander, Heavy Gloves
014 - !nothing!
015 - !nothing!
016 - Mace
017 - !nothing!
018 - Ancient Armor, Long Battle Bow
019 - !nothing!
020 - Scarabshell Boots, Spired Helm, Bone Helm
021 - Military Pick
022 - !nothing!
023 - !nothing!
024 - Cedar Bow, Ring, Gothic Plate
025 - !nothing!
026 - Light Plated Boots
027 - Hel
028 - Ward
029 - Morning Star, Breast Plate
030 - !nothing!
031 - !nothing!
*---*BATCH #2
032 - Flail, Bill
033 - Sol
034 - Bone Shield, Full Helm
035 - Hel, Scythe, Sacred Armor
036 - Studded Leather, War Gauntlets
037 - !nothing!
038 - Amulet
039 - Aegis
040 - Martel de Fer, Mask
041 - Lochaber Axe
042 - Templar Coat, Heavy Belt
043 - Tiara, Rondel
044 - !nothing!
045 - War Hammer
046 - Cryptic Sword, Battle Staff
047 - Crown
048 - !nothing!
049 - Thresher, Military Pick
050 - War Gauntlets
051 - !nothing!
052 - Spired Helm
*---*BATCH #3
053 - Death Mask
054 - Morning Star
055 - Double Axe
056 - !nothing!
057 - Heavy Boots, Sabre
058 - Battle Belt
059 - Lum
060 - Bone Shield
061 - Knout, Crown, Great Helm
062 - Light Belt
063 - Arbalest, Sol
064 - Ballista
065 - Field Plate, Demonhide Boots
066 - Grand Scepter, Light Plate
*---*BATCH #4
067 - Sharktooth Armor, Greaves, Heavy Gloves
068 - !nothing!
069 - Light Plated Boots
070 - Hellforged Plate, Military Pick
071 - Blade, Light Plated Boots
072 - Amulet (Metalgrid)
073 - Military Axe
074 - Naga, War Gauntlets, Ring
075 - Round Shield
076 - Ghost Glaive, Scale Mail, Ring (Manald Heal)
077 - Gnarled Staff, Flail
078 - Jagged Star
079 - Ring
080 - Ring, Heavy Boots, Double Axe
*---*BATCH #5
081 - !nothing!
082 - Poleaxe, Double Axe
083 - Claymore
084 - Ancient Armor, Breast Plage, Ogre Maul
085 - Short War Bow
086 - Scythe
087 - !nothing!
088 - !nothing!
089 - Ring, Heavy Gloves, Plated Belt
090 - Large Siege Bow
091 - Tigulated Mail
092 - Flail
093 - Full Helm, Flamberge, Double Axe, Grim Wand
094 - !nothing!
*---*BATCH #6
095 - !nothing!
096 - Elder Staff
097 - Double Axe
098 - !nothing!
099 - War Staff
100 - Heavy Bracers, Avenger Guard

Some statistics:

(I consider unique jewels/rings/ammy elites)
Regular monsters - 5 elites 39 other
Champ monsters - 11 elites 54 other
Chest drops- 0 elites 7 other
!nothings! - 24, or ~25% of runs

Would be interesting to know how this would turn out on /players 1 instead.

- Average run takes 8-9 minutes.
- Run 83 actually dropped 6 Tirs
- Only runes above Amn are recorded. Every run is guaranteed to drop a rune.
- Necro has 607% mf, 757% on switch

Mapseed effect is blatantly obvious, if I may say so.
- Batch #1 was consistent in elite item generation, but produced lots of no drops
- Batch #2 was teh b!tch. Damn bloody work on the next day!
- Batch #3 was very consistent in drops, just no elites
- Batch #4 was almost heaven
- Batch #5; wtf?! I danced when the Ogre Maul dropped.
- Batch #6 don't look too promising. Thank God I hit 100!

Thanks for reading! ^^


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you have a lot of MF. in my experience, poison necros need a lot of + to skills.

could you please post your items and your relevant skill levels?

thank you.


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Wow, very informatical F_D, thanks for posting this! :D You missed only one thing on those runs IMHo, that's luck... ;)
No TC 87 Unique/set except for the IKSC in 100 runs?!? This looks almost as bad as my luck! :LOL:


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Nice job dug0ng! 100 runs is quite a marrathon :)

However, I'm almost more interested in your Necro than in your drops ;)
Can I get some info on him? Like gear, and thoughts on Poison Necros pit running abbilities.



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Okays :)

First of all, credit to Sssith for giving the idea of running with a poison necro. He mentioned the Pit doesn't have any PIs, something I wouldn't have noticed by myself.

Level 90 Poison/Skelly Necro - Champion OopsIFarted

20 Raise Skelly
4 Skelly Mastery
20 Poison Dagger
20 Poison Explosion
20 Poison Nova
1 in all Curses
1 in prereqs

PTopaz Shako
Ist Homunculus
Death's Web (BIG thanks to Beornwolf/Ray Pat for, uh, loaning it to me ;) )
Battle Belt Goldwrap
Perf Nagel x2
Perf Chancies
Perf War Trav
Inventory is maxed out with 7% mfsc, only space for cube + tomes. Oh, and a 35% Gheeds.

When I'm very comfortable with the build and free I'll try write a guide ;)

One thing tho'; the Unearthed Wand *is a must*. That's the thing that makes p8 doable.

@Vorbiss: Yeah my luck stinks, big time. No runes, no 87 unique. In fact, I never found one. Ever :( Well, save that Stormspire in wth wsk2.


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very ggod work indeed :thumbsup:
By the way I have the same necro build Poison/Skelly and 1 point in revivel, and as you mentioned above poison necro can do the pit within 9 minutes and no danger at all :D and for me lvl 2 takes about 60-90 seconds :D
the difference is that I don't have yet death's web so I must use the traditional 3 Trangs items and that takes my Mfinding ability lot down :(


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Man. I am running the pit at players 4 in the same amount of time. And I have Bramble. What on earth am I doing wrong?

Of course the Enigma gives you a lot more speed. I didn't max skellies probably too late for that.

Also I don't have as much MF as I am around 350 but I don't see 1/10th as much items as you do. :scratch:

Good job.

edit: DUH. *smacks self in head* I have a Baba with dual ists. That would give me 150% more mf. Do you PNova and then weapon switch?
good catalog of results FD. id just liek to comment on the odds of getting 6 tir runes in a single pit run.
im planning to use my fishy to good use (i can out of effort when i completed hell, need to use him again) and fill him with max MF i can carry. normally he's about 300%, but with all MF equiptment and lots of charms (i have loads of 6%, 3 or 4 7% ones) should hit 550%.
then the ultimate task will begin. i will attmpt 100 runs in the pit, baal, pindle, eldritch/shenk. 400 runs total. so far i have recorded none, but have times each run on p1 (i still want to play the game afterwards. 400 runs in p8 will drian me completely). i can do pit to eld/shenk to pindle to baal at a max speed of 20 mins, with pit and baal takign up 15 of those. normally it will take nearer 25mins if im checking loads of drops on the way.
so, i'll be up with the coffee machine every weekend night unil 5am, then back on at 8am to begin again.
note: this will most likely get cut to 25 or 50 runs each, depending on how i feel after that.

oh and if anyone can tell me where the od for a colur change to see runes better is, that woudl help. im expecting alot of whites with the occasional rune in and i dont want to check them all..


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flying_dug0ng said:
Champion OopsIFarted
:lol: I almost soiled myself when I read that name! Perfect for a PNecro :thumbsup:

Nice necro, and nice gear! I've got two PNecros on the go ATM. One is in Act2 norm, until I get more time to play, and the other is in my MP group, which is stalled while we catch up new members. I hope I can get a pit runner outa one of them :rolleyes:



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Thanks guys :D

@tent: I purposely recorded normal/champ monster drops, just to see if it's worth it to run on p8. Seems like it is. Also, some high end goodies like Unearthed Wand, Caduceus, Templar's Might can drop from regular Joe Schmoes.

@Sss: You revealed my secret! For that you must die!

*dumps a million Breast Plates on Sssith*


Actually, I only do that for champs. Nova + CE till a sliver + switch + pick up elite unique.

CE is still your best friend. The Nova is just gravy to quicken the runs.

I find Enimga useful, as I mentioned in my old summary, to teleport right on top of those $*%&#* coward Vile Archers and stun locking them with your skellies. Otherwise it'll take ages to kill one.

@Bob: Good luck with your runs!

@Zertual: Glad ya appreciate it :D It was either this or Garlic_Breath :uhhuh:


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Great work flying_dug0ng. Yours is much more detailed than mine was when I posted 50 runs to Baal vs Pits.

Good Job

Takis (El_Greco)


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How long did this take you? I was thinking about 5 hours of Pitting and record the results, but it seems like a waste if this took more then 5 hours.

Comparing 5 hours of WS K agains 5hours of Pit would be fun :D


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very nice finds! and very informative. :thumbsup:
it seems more and more like i need to get myself an enigma... *drool*