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Hello fellow etf members! I have some items for trade. My needs are the following; random roll Ravenfrost, Arreat's Face (random roll )and runes. Lum+


Pala off 13 life
Gheed's 143g 23mf
Passive ama gc
Poison and Bone 12%fhr gc
7%mf sc
6%mf sc 2x


Demon's Limb 10ll, 201ed, non eth
Arm of King Leoric
5os Ettin Axe
5os PB
6os PB 2x
170ed Titans 6ll
Jade Talon 1 mart, 2 shadow, 236ed, 13mleech, [email protected]
Griswold's Weapon 237ed 3os
The Gnasher 69ed 8 str
unid. unique eldritch orb


15mf Tal Belt
Perfect Duriel's Shell
Arkaine's Valor 14dr, 173ed, 2 skills
Jalal's Mane 172ed
2os 15ed Superior Light Plate
Goldwrap 50ed, 59 gold

Jewelry + other stuff:

Dwarf Star ring mdr 13
Dia essence 2x
Key of Hate 2x
Key of Terror 2x

The community is down, I know, but I wanna share my goodies with the active members. Peace.
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I'm looking for a leveling weapon, and I'm eyeing that Gnasher of yours.

Do you still need Arreat's Face? Could offer that, or some runes - any particular runes you need?

Edit: Fool me, I managed to miss that this post probably pertains to the previous ladder. My bad!
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