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"Explodocros" were necros that maxed CE, Amp and IG, back in 1.09.
They were bashed a lot cuz they were very dependent of party playing to do anything outside the cow level, and now the build is almost inviable (as if it was viable outside the cow level even in 1.09) cuz a lot of hell hell monsters with average number of players in game will beat the crap out of a full synergy IG.
I´d like to see a CE-Based necro that works, thu.


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explodcro.... *shudders*

They worked fine, for their purpose of leveling in the cow area. They were bashed because of the "guide" which was posted here giving them that name.

The "guide" consisted basically of a list of gear. As for strategy the "guide" only said get rushed through hell, then p0\/\/n cows. AND the "guide" was posted on the strategy compendium without any peer review here.

Still maxed CE = screen clearing goodness, but it is a backup skill nowadays.


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CE is still a useful skill. I have a build that is similar to an Explodomancer. I've created a throw necro (SWAT Necro) who makes use of Clay Golem, Amp, and most importantly CE. You can definately say that he is not going to an all out killing maching, but if you have the patience to use him the way he MUST be played then you will do fine. I selected throwing to be unique and to help me stay alive. You take down 1 or 2 monsters via Amp and throwing and then you CE the rest of the monsters. It's not as slow as you would think. Of course it is slow going when you need to take out the End Bosses because you wont have the corpses to help you bring them down.

Bottonline: An explodomancer is viable, but you need to have a solid plan on how you are going to take down the initial monsters that you will use for CE. Also cold damage and freezing damage are not your friend when creating this build because a monster that shatters doesn't leave you a corpse to explode.


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One word.. ok, several.

:rant: :rant:
:rant: :rant:

"Must... restrain.. FIST OF DEATH!!"


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I use it with my skelliemancer, and i would call it more than a support skill.
The easy areas where my skellies kill very fast, sure i dont need it much and its a support skill.

When i have tougher enemies though, its moreso a matter of waiting till the skellies make a corpse, then CE - CE - CE - CE and everything in the screen is dead, no matter if it were fallens or minions of destruction. In pit runes i think 2/3 of the monsters fall to CE.