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Experiment: Relative kill speeds for skill combinations

Discussion in 'Witch Doctor' started by MCPWTB, Nov 28, 2012.


    MCPWTB IncGamers Member

    Feb 11, 2007
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    Oh no, my future has been told! As aerial said in another thread, after reaching paragon level 100 the game is pretty boring. I agree with this prognostication.

    Instead of staying bored, I decided to try out killing Ghom on MP0 with various skills to find the relative killing speed of each:

    Spreadsheet of results:

    My character used during the test:

    I end up finding out some interesting things as presented in the OP on the bnet thread and then I found some more interesting skill combinations.

    Blazing Spiders + Haunt Resentful Spirit. Who would have thought that would be a good skill combo?
    Rush of Essence and Vision Quest stack? I hadn't considered that before, even though it was obvious.

    So the experiment:
    Kill Ghom on MP0 with various skill setups to see how skill combinations compare to each other for single target killing speed.
    We all know a grain of salt is needed when playing in real situations, but this was interesting to me so I've completed it.

    I pick a set of attack skills and passives, and then grind out five+ MP0 Ghom kill times to create a decent set of data.
    I can then repeat this experiment for other sets of skills, resulting in a way to compare skills to one another.
    I am really only interested in using mana positive skills, but I include mana negative skill combinations because it is possible someone else gets them to be mana positive with other gear selections.
  2. jamesL

    jamesL IncGamers Member

    Apr 20, 2009
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    this was an interesting read,
    still digesting it all

    I've got a p level 11 WD and I'm i'm bored with him already
    hopefully I can find something new with your tests
  3. PhoeniX Skye

    PhoeniX Skye IncGamers Member

    Apr 17, 2012
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    As suggested by the other thread, it would be pretty interesting to see the update after the Bleed (Skorn) has been taken out of the equation

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