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Hi guys!

Now I have a question about how is experience in a party calculated.
I just did a test, in the cave in the Blood Moor, Nightmare Act 1. I created a game with six players partied, levels 56, 86, 2, 2, 2, 2. I entered the cave with my char lvl 56, killed all shamans, yetis, zombies and Corpsefire and his minions. There were no champions or boss packs, so only regular fallens were left. Then I would open a portal and bring party members to the area, one by one, and kill some monsters each time, to see how much exp each monster gives as more party members were nearby. According to the Arreat Summit:
"The total experience earned for killing a monster is increased by 35% when a party member of the killer is in the same named area, defined as the "level" on the Automap..."
But I don't think that's true, at least for what I've seen, they need to be nearby and not just in the same area. There were no mercenaries also, so only the main character was doing the killing.

First, alone I killed 2 fallen. The experience gain was 592, so 296 per monster. A fallen gives 1669 base exp. On multiplayer:
Exp = Base exp * (players + 1)/2 = 1669*(6+1)/2 = 5841.5. Because I was more that 10 levels above them, applied a penalty of 5%. 5,841*0.05 = 292. More or less what they yielded.
Then I brought a party member lvl 86, and killed 2 more. Things started to get complicated here. As more characters were brought, the numbers became a mess. I understand the experience share for player level relative to the sum of player levels, and the 35% bonus for a member nearby, but still, my numbers don't make any sense. I include the table, if someone wants to check and explain what happened. Exp yield = Exp per fallen / Exp Share / Penalty. I think the column titles are explanatory, but if anyone has a question, I'll be glad to explain further.



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My understanding is that experience party bonus (87/256~34%) is applied for every party member in the same named area, but the actual experience shared for all party members is within 2 screens of the killer. Maybe that is why there is a discrepancy in your calculations versus the in-game gains. Can you confirm party member proximity during each test?

Edit: I played with the german d2 exp calculator and it agrees with Exp per Fallen rows 1,2,3, and 6 but not 4 and 5.

From calculator:
1. 296
2. 157
3. 195
4. 232
5. 268
6. 303

Maybe you only killed a single fallen for 4 and 5? Or one of the fallen you killed was previously resurrected by a shaman and no longer nets anymore experience.
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I confirm that party members were near the killer, as I just opened a portal and moved just about half screen from it, to keep the other members away from harm, but still they were very close.

:eek: You know, I actually forgot to check that fallen hadn't been resurrected before. But if you two guys agree with the numbers from the calculator, then it must be correct, and I'm going to use those formulas without need for further testing. Could you please share the link for the exp calculator?

Sorry for the late reply, I had been playing exhaustively another game and took a break from Diablo, but it seems I always come back :D
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The exp calculator page from ingame doesn't work anymore, after their recent site update. That was the only accurate d2 exp calculator that I know of. Not sure if it will ever be fixed, but given d2's age, I doubt it.


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Wait is this right??

I'm doing the maths for the experience increase for every number of players, and it says that... it decreases!
Experience = X * (n + 1) / 2, so for 6 players:
Experience = X * (6 + 1) / 2 = X * 3.5
So the experience is increased by 3.5, then add a 35% bonus for being in a party, that is:
X * 3.5 * (1 + 35%) = X * 473%

But if it is split among 6 party members, assuming all are the same level, that means every member receives 473% / 6 = 78.75%
That's less than the 100% you'd gain playing solo! It only increases at players 2, 101.25%. With more players it decreases more every time. Is this correct, or did I do something wrong?


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The bonus is actually ~34% since v1.11, ~35% is the v1.10 value. This bonus is applied for every party member in the same area. With 6 players, the party bonus would be (1 + (6-1)*34%) = 270%.

If you want to be 100% accurate, be aware that D2 does integer math and that the 34% is actually 87/256. Using decimals is accurate enough for most purposes, so you can stay with that.


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For every additional Player ingame +50% EP will be added but the HP of the monsters will arise aswell.

Players EP MonsterHP
| 2 | +50% | +50% |
| 3 | +100% | +100% |
| 4 | +150% | +150% |
| 5 | +200% | +200% |
| 6 | +250% | +250% |
| 7 | +300% | +300% |
| 8 | +350% | +350% |

The Partymembers must be at the same area to gain additional EP
| Partymembers | EP |
| 1 | +0% |
| 2 | +35% |
| 3 | +70% |
| 4 | +104% |
| 5 | +139% |
| 6 | +174% |
| 7 | +209% |
| 8 | +243% |

This bonus multiplies with Expericence. If 8 players are exping in the same aera every monster gives you Experience 15 times higher than in soloplay.

TotalEP = EP * (100 + %-bonus for x-player)/100 * (100 + %-bonus für x-player in the same zone)/100

For 8 players in the same zone: TotalEP = EP * (100+350)/100 * (100+243)/100 = EP * 15,45
BUT the EP will be distributed between all party members. every player receives MonsterEP / PartyLevel * CharLevel

The PartyLevel is the sum of all players who are located at the same area

A Level 30 Necro, a Level 30 Barbar and a Level 35 Amazone are in a party. The Necro is at Blood Moor, the others are located at Cold Plains. The Barb kills a Monster who gives 1000 EP.

This is a 3-players game so the EP will be 2000 EP. Two additional party members are at cold plains therefore they get additional 35% on top, total EP rises to 2695 points.
The Necro isnt at the same zone, he will get nothing. The summed up Level of the Barb and the Amazon is 65. Therefore the Amazon receives 1451 (2695 / 65 * 35) and the Barb 1243
(2695 / 65 * 30) EP-Points.