Experience gain explained?


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Hello. Im curious how the calculation is done for experience gain. Lets say im lvl 95 and im killing baal with 2 more players in the game unpartied (hitting the xp ceiling of Baal) and i got xp shrine when Baal dies.

How would the calculation look like?

Is this the best xp gain possible from Baal or is there another way?

How would it look like xp wise per player if i were partied with them around when Baal is killed? Lets say they are lvl 90 and 85.

Does xp shrine/annihilus/ondals in any way remove xp from others?

Thx in advance. Ive read the amazon wiki about experience but i didnt get 100% clarification about formula imo.



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XP bonuses are in an extra multiplier which is 100% without any bonuses. A shrine adds 50% to it, Ondal's and an Annihilus add another 5% each.

I quess you aren't sure about this:
Amaon Basin said:
Experienced Gained is the last bonus applied to experience.
The question is, does "last bonus" mean that it's applied after the XP cap of ~8.4 million XP? To my understanding, it is, i.e. you would get a base value of 1.5 times the XP cap. This is still subject to the level penalty (see the "Clvl > 69" part) which comes after the cap in any case.

To be sure, I suggest to make two Baal run in which you hit the XP cap, one with an xp shrine bonus and one without it, and check the amount of XP gained. If its 50% more, it gets applied after the cap.