exp baal runs - need serious ppl!


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exp baal runs - need serious ppl!

USEast Softcore Non-Ladder
hey, im lvl ** blizz sorc , and leveling up is getting longer by now , so i need good runs , and i think that many are in need of serious runs too because public runs are sometimes populated by non-killing or weak or stupid ppl so maybe if anyone is interested in doin runs just drop a line and we could get a lil group of ppl for runs we'd need at least 1-2 pally 1 barb 2-3 sorc maybe a necro? a trap sin. guess thatd do it right. nyway post your feedback plz :)


Might wanna post a few things:

Ladder or Non
HardCore or SoftCore

If its USEast, Ladder, Softcore...then add *LDToad-bm to your list, I would be glad to do some private runs sometimes. I mostly play weeknights and some weekends.

I have a Hammerdin, Summoner, Blizzsorc, and Werewolf that could all hang just fine.


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Sounds good, my lvl 87 Fanatic/Tesladin is taking mighty long to move that little exp bar a millimeter. He can hang right in there no problems

I'm on most nights 7-9 EST /w *mpaschke or *mpaschke2


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I'm on USEAST and would like to be considered for this group. I have 2 accounts that I use (SFORESTE2, SFORESTE3) I have a LF Amazon for this group.


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I'm also USeast nonladder softcore and I have a lvl 90 zealot and a new kick *** lvl 80 hammerdin. My name is clervismcdervis or zerohumor