EXLAX (Tournament)


EXLAX (Tournament)

Hello, and welcome to the first ever "EXtremely Limited Assignment eXtravaganza (EXLAX)" SPF tournament. If this is a first tournament for you, it might not be the best choice. However, if you enjoy a challenge, and like to save your stats and skills, this might very well be the tournament for you. Pleas ehang in with me, as this is a first tournament

Description: Well, everyone says it's good to save money, and save the best for last, but this brings 'saving' to a whole new level. Saving is the whole point of this tournament. Save your stats, save your skills, save your money, and save your waypoints!


Core: This tournament is strictly Hardcore. You only live once.

Version: Strictly 1.11b

Characters: Pick any character, a slong as you can survive.

Stats: Ahh, the first important part of your EXLAX experience. Unless you've had that kind of experience before... if so.. We don't wanna know. The less stat points you spend, the better. Save as many as you can and still survive. See the Scoring section for more details.

Skills: Once again, the less you can spend, the better. And, once again, check Scoring for more details.

Waypoints: Ok. You are allowed a base amount of activating 3 waypoints per act, and only 10 per difficulty. For each one over that that you activate, you will be docked points, as described in the Scoring section.

Sockets: You may only use runes and chipped-normal gems in sockets, and jewels with a level requirement less that 25.



You earn/lose points in the following ways:

1 points for ever stat point spent.

5 points for ever skill point spent.

8 points for ever weaypoint passed the allowed amount activated.

-4 points for every quest completed.

-3 points for ever act completed.

-8 points for killing the cow king in each difficulty.

Realise that you shouldn't be too frugal with your points, because EVERYONE will have to spend points.

Sign-Up Form:

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Do you agree with all rules:


I will be mfing a considerable amount through the tournament, and will post regular updates of what is in the Prize Stash.

Please sign up, relaise this is my first tournament, post things that you feel need changed, and Good Luck!


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hmm seem intresting i mite be intrested, wiould take away the points removed for finershing normal/nm/hell first because its not realy fair to remove points from someone because they have more time to play than every one esle. also even thought most of the tonry pros know it already you should add no mp to the list of rules