Everydoy's Favourite Build is now....


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What is everyones favorite druid build right now anywho?

I see new fury / rabie wolves every once in a while on bnet.
When are the werebears gonna take up arms and over throw the wolves ~ Fat chance of that happening by the way. ;)


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rabies/fury is by far my favorite

i just need to beef up on my fury side a bit

oh...and stash space..definately more stash space-.-

Queen Mebd

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redsword, I think the thread is acting up, it's showing only the first page to me, but it's also listing you as the last poster as well.

Bjorgin, you can always take a little hiatus and return a little while later a bit more refreshed. Bear's are a lot of fun so there's no sense making one when you don't quite feel like it and spoiling the experience.

As for my favorite build, I think it's a three way tie between fury-rabies, flaming-rabies, and my fireclaws druid. I suppose shifters in general would suffice.

Oh Kiba, us bears are plotting, but we're being lazy and not wanting to leave our caves yet for the spring, it's still yucky out here.
*giant bear hugs Kiba for the meantime*


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My favourite druid is a dead druid, err *tries to avoid witch hunt*
I have gotten an eye open for bear's lately, they look so cool, and they attack fast :)


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With them new runewords (I still consider 1.10 new, so .. :smiley:) .. I'd say. Hunter with Maxed HoW/DW/Grizzly/Fissure/rest in Fissure Synergies is my favourite buid.
Items: Faith Bow, CoH, Jalal's, Highlord's or Mara's (undecided), Ravenfrost, still can't decide on which belt to wear, Gore Riders, Bloodfist's, Cta+Lidless on switch.
Merc: Act 2 Might, eBotD GPA, CoH, CoA

Probably the build I've had the most fun playing in the new patches.


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I'm feeling pretty good about my pure Fury PVM pup. In general I don't like melee, but playing him's pretty neat.

Max Fury, Wolf, Lyc, Oak
1 in first two vines, summon grizzly, prereqs
Rest in Dire Wolves (maybe should have gone to summon grizzly)

Some day I'll have to equip him with Hsaru's, Angelics, and a Fools weapon just to see how silly the AR gets. :tongue:

I've also got a "shock and aww" summoner that's pretty neat, but it can take a while to kill things. :undecided:


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Fury/Rabies by far. Now that I've tried them, I can't stop dueling long enough to mf and get some more shapeshift/lifers, they're just that fun :grin: .


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Party Wolf! Awooo!! I'll bring the beer! (ahem, must be more serious here). (Fury / Vita build with a hefty grizzly / Oak Sage for party benefits). Switch between the big two handed 'thunk' stick and a one handed w/SS. Able to drop two ton grizzly wherever needed. OS to help those glass cannon party members.

good luck and good hunting!

growls at Zarfen...


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Fire Claw Werewolf with a 6 shaeled pb :).

My level 29 does 500 damage at about 3 hits in 2 seconds...