Ever gotten in a fist fight?

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I'm a lover, not a fighter. But you better believe I've been very close, and I'm not averse to fighting in my future if need be.


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I have gotten into many. Infact, I am gonna be in one tomorow with one of my ex best friends... He decided to talks hit about me to everyone of my friends but me, so aparently he's out for a fight with me, so I am gonna give him one.

Edit: One he'll remeber for the rest of his life.


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I think all I ever did in high school was fight. Our school was a breeding ground for bullies and I think most of the faculty didn't give an honest crap. Great memories. :rolleyes:


Anybody that says "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" have never been beaten with a dictionary


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Depends, I was an elite level hockey player and while I was always in the top 3 in scoring on my team, I was also usually first or second in penalty minutes and have got into my share of fights on the ice usually defending a teammate.


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I've been in several. When I was younger I was picked on a lot. This led to me developing a nasty temper, which has disapppeared in recent years, and plenty of fighting. By the time i was 14 though i weighed close to 210 lbs,still do actually, and started to win said fights......it's amazing how quickly people are willing to stop harassing you when you beat the **** out of them.

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Beowulf said:
Depends, I was an elite level hockey player
1337 h0ck3y [email protected]@ * :lol:

Ahem, on a more serious note, yes I have been in a number of fights. You couldn't really call'em fistfights though, more like "kick'em-in-the-groin-and-bite-punch-charge-headbutt-as-much-as-you-can (and-hit-him-while-he's-down)" fights. It's been a while now though, because nobody tries to bully me anymore.



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I've never had a seirious fist fight either,just rough scuffle-roll-grab certain parts of body-pull hair-hold throat-but I had done a lot of kicking.. :p



Yeah a few. Fist fights don't happen anymore. Everyone either has a switchblade or a butterfly. Sometimes, there's pipes. Pipes aren't funny.

Ash Housewares

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not quite, been in a few fights, and we both had fists, but for the most part if only one person does any hitting can it really be considered a fist fight?

they were all over pretty quick... I fight kinda dirty... :innocent: