Even my wife is blaming me now

Zero Tolerance or Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

  • Pre-emptive suspensions. Cheaters must pay.

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  • Wait until you can prove it, then bury them.

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  • I blame Durf.

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  • beer/poing/boobies

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Even my wife is blaming me now

You know how it goes. First there's a playful thing on a website somewhere, with people blaming you when their posts get eaten, or when their Hellforge drop is two Elds and a flawless gem. Then they're making comments about how they actually thought of your name when they spilled their box juice all over their Garanimals due to overexuberant leaping into the fort made of sofa cushions.

But now it's gone too far . . . My life, my real life, has become the scene of people blaming me for things. People meaning my wife. Things meaning, well, things. It's gone too far!

Due in early March. More Durfs to fill the world! You have been warned. :blush:


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I hear Google is going to start incorporating ultrasounds into Google Maps, so you can zoom right in.

Congratulations, more Durfs to spread the blame around.

or when their Hellforge drop is two Elds and a flawless gem.
*Gasp* - that was you!!??



Congratz... Though I fear for the world.

And I simply blame Durf. And Stomp had the best line ever (of the day anyways).
Wait until the birth, she'll want to kill you.

'Grats, make sure to post pictures about it. Smeg and I might try and get it on Fark or something.