Evaluate My wind walker


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Evaluate My wind walker

OK, i built this character before any guides came out for wind druids (that i knew of). I built this character after i messed up my first elemental druid and decided to focus on wind because fire is way too resisted. I think i messed up on my stat point allocation but you let me know if i should try to up this guy any higher.

Patriarch PoTheAwesomeXII

Level: 90
Str: 198 (With modifiers)
Dex: 97 (with modifiers)
Vit: 253 (with modifiers)
NRG: 187(with modifiers)

*Now i know my NRG is a bit high. But i built this character not even thinking about shield block. My question is...is it important? I plan on eventually using Earth Shifter for it's massive +7 to elemental skills. So i figured i might still be ok.

1-Arctic Blast(prereq.)
20-cyclone Armor
17-Oak Sage
1-Spirit Wolf
1-Dire Wolf
1-Grizzly bear

TOTAL: 102 Skill Points

Gear//MF Gear
Helm:Ravenlore//P-Topaz Shako
Ammy:+3 elemental skills//35% MF
Weapon(s):+4 Ondal's Wisdom//Wiz Spike-Rhyme Grim Shield
Ring1:SoJ//29% Nagel
Ring2:SoJ//28% Nagel
Belt:Arachnid Mesh//Arachnid Mesh
Gloves:Trang-Oul's//Trang Oul's
Charms:38% Gheeds-12/14/7 Anni Charm-7% MFSC w/20 defense-
+1 Summoning GC w/4 Str

With my normal gear on i have level 36 elemental skills and skill level 28 oak sage and level 12 minions.
With MF gear on. My elemental skills drop to 29 and my oak sage is 24 while my minions are 8.

I find this build quite viable for MF because the tornados do decent damage and hit multiple targets. Also. I can watch all my resistances fall to -70 without worry as my cyclone armor absorbs 1,955 elemental damage.

My wind druid. Should i maintain him as my main with his great gear...or should i toss him to the side and outfit say a hammerdin.
Looks good even with the mass energy, just wondering what your life is at? If you don't die at all or much then its ok, but if you do die a bit much from low life you might want to start again. Gearwise you're doing great, same with skills. I would maintain him instead of hammerdin, but thats just my opinion. Hammerdin got really boring to me, and wind druid does just fine for mfing.


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my life is at about 750 and with oak sage giving +160% life. this rises to 1,900 life. And with skill level 30 battle orders i have about 2.7K life. So dying from life loss isn't too common.


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By yourself, with all those minions around, you should be doin fine.

My wind driud has level 28 skills, no minions, and full block. I have a tough time in full games, as my attacks just dont stun, so i have to sit there and take a beating while killing. Personally i like being able to block, really helps. I cant imagine cranking the str for a hel-earthshifter, and not blocking.

I'd say keep him if youre doin ok, but a hammerdin will just do even better.


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i say keep him

my druid is very similar, and the BIG plus is resist, hammerdins you need to up the resisit in hell, for a wind druid, u don't have to worry, that factor alone allows u to equip more mf and more plus 1 killing gear.

stick with the druid, mf some more, get some good shtuff to equip a pally, then make one, NO need to destroy a perfectly good char when u can just make anohter