Evaluate my new sorc plz


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Evaluate my new sorc plz

Hi all, HellPlayer here tryng to make my 3rd sorc, first lightning based(enchantress and meteorber done before), so after reading some guides I come out with this setup, need some advice if is ok for hell and what can be improved:
-Kiras 70res +shael;
-Vipermagi 35 res +shael;
-Eschutas +3/25% lite dmg;
-Whitstan guard +eld;
-rare amulet +2sorc, 10fcr and 11 resist all.
Charms is torch, annihilus and lightning skillers and fhr scs to reach 86fhr, rest vita scs.
This setup offers 120fcr(bp is 117), max block, 86fhr, maxed resists and +22 lvls for skills doing nice dmg when finished.
Only questions I have if people dont sugest another is about the armor, my vipermagi is normal, should I upgrade it for the added defense or can work so with chilling armor raising the defense?
Thanks for any help provided here,