EVAL: Armageddon/Hurricane Druid


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EVAL: Armageddon/Hurricane Druid

Hello, this is my first attemp at a Druid, and before you all say to start over from the beginning, I thought I'd see if you had any suggestions for improving him going forward....

Shatang (acct. *c2k2e) - Level 74

STR - 130 / 217
DEX - 110 / 172
VIT - 155 / 208
EGY - 60 / 77


Fissure - 10 / 24
Cyclone Arm. - 5 / 19
Twister - 2 / 16
Volcano - 8 / 22
Tornado - 8 / 22
Armageddon - 16 / 30 (1896-2195 dam)
Hurricane - 16 / 30 (649-697 dam)

Dire Wolf - 3 / 12
Spirit of Barbs - 2 / 11
Bear - 1 / 10
All Else - 1 / 10

Merc - NM Act 2 Cold Aura (Lev 72), soon to use Insight when STR is at 179.

HOTO - 34% Resists
ENIGMA Mage Plate - 997 def
SPIRIT Monarch - 159 def
+3 Elemental Coronet 34 def, damage red. by 22
Vambraces - 7/6, 136 def
Razortail - 97 def
Treks - 159 def
+2 Elemental Ammy with 29% MF
Ravenfrost - 154 AR
17/20/7 Annnihlus

My gameplan while playing is to keep Armageddon and Hurricane active and tank with merc and bear (mostly I stand there cause HOTO does crap damage alone). However, I struggle considerably in Hell, Act 1.

Open to any suggestions on better equipment to use, further allocation of points, etc. I just started playing again after a long hiatus, so this is about the best equipment I have so far.



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Your Merc should use infinity, it will help with your dmg, because it's cold and fire with some physical I think, can't remember armageddon that well.


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Your Merc should use infinity, it will help with your dmg, because it's cold and fire with some physical I think, can't remember armageddon that well.
Thanks! Sounds like a great idea, I was just having a one-tracked mind with INSIGHT.



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I think this build is way too hard to combined. nice try tho....it'll flop if you don't have the right gear...Im thinking something like this would be expensive to make it gg


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One Thing you may want to remember about this build is that you will be casting lasting spells, then doing melee atks, so you wouldn't want to leave the hoto and spirit equiped as your main equipment, just leave them on switch for recast. You'll want to have as heavy of dmging equip as possible. One thing you could also try to do with this build would be to shift into ww or wb and then do the atking, but just remember that will take lots of shifting and unshifting for recasting. also a cta in inv wouldn't hurt.


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IIRC there's a dual elemental druid guide in the strategy compendium, but it's probably 1.10 so you'll lose the charge bug from stone.


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Yes, this was my first attempt at a Druid as well, and my second (1.09 lol :shocked: (only having one spell going at a time!!!), and 1.10-1.11) They both made it into the 90+ eventually (91 and 92), and didn't use any duped runes or HOTO's or Infinity (SP). I'd Recommend getting the unique ravenlore helm, and possibly try to put more points into tornado if possible, so you don't just stand around watching, without casting. Looks like your doing ok though. It's not the most effective build, but it looks really cool, and is a shock in PvP, (ouch that volcano hurts, ouch WTF are you doing with tornado's... then you die usually...)

I wrote a guide that is on the battle.net forum official guide thingo page under elemental druid, its for 1.10-1.11.

EDITED: Oh, um BTW spirit of barbs kinda sucks (Like you haven't already realised, lol) I put 10 into Oak Sage, helps alot with life...


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Thanks for all the advice, I wasn't sure if switching weapons would lose the skill points from HOTO, but guess it doesn't matter once the spells are cast. I am still trying to gather runes for INFINITY for my merc, traded for 2 BERs from someone, one disappeared :(, maybe get a better weapon as well. I guess I should use Oak Sage instead of Spirit of Barbs, hadn't paid attention, just assumed (wrongly) that the higher level one was better. Still learning the ropes! :)


don't know if this works (

i'm thinking of making Switch of a single handed DOOM axe (-60% enemy cold resistance) and either a 4-ist monarch, a SPIRIT monarch, a DREAM troll nest, a SANCTUARY troll nest, a stormshield, OR a PHOENIX monarch (depending if i'm using Armageddon as a 2nd to Hurricane)

from the build below, after the hurricane, and cyclone armor is casted.

ist shako (75mf)
mara ammy
dusk enigma (85mf)
Spirit shield
arachnid belt
2 x SOJ (probably replace 1 with ravenfrost unless i can find CBF from other item)
frostburn, dracul grasp (for life after each kill), OR a 40mf chance guard
War Traveller (50mf)

Of coz, annihilus, Druid Torch, 40mf gheed, and as many elemental GC as possible, and also shimmering sc of good luck OR vita (5%resist all + 7%mf OR +40life)

actually i dont believe in druid doing mf but will still like to try out this mf build to see the results.

Hope to see pple giving comments and suggest a better change to this build. thanks!


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I LOVE MY ELEMENTAL DRUID, i can run any boss in the game except baal, i can charge head on and have nice MF (299)
~~ this build is Gear Dependant,

Spirit Monarch
War Travs
SoJ/BK/10 FCR ring... choose 2

Cta on Switch with Spirit

Again i love this Build for MF i can go anywhere in the game without the fear of dyin... all Bosses in Hell all Act 5... its Great


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wow... I really have no idea what your theme is here : / so random
like, lvl 10 fissure/8 volcano just doesn't do much bro:tongue: ? 2 points in spirit of barbs...having like 200% returns in hell, with monster heal and all that good stuff, barely even registers... like you'll almost see no yield at all from it? lvl ~nothing cyclone armor... it doesn't do enough, you'da been better off 1 pointing it and relying on wind synergies (which actually HELP your damage) bonus your cyclone.. Armagedon is prolly the only thing that's synergized but it's horribly unreliable and misses, won't hold its weight in gold against even A1 hell enemies. It almost seems like a waste of your time to not remake >.<, sorry.

You can make awesome hybrid builds, but you gotta almost just focus on 1-2 themes. Like fissure is an awesomely good 40-60 point skill to synergize thats very effective pvm... and it leaves you a good 40-60 points open to do the other stuff you wanna do like summons, maybe hybrid wind, shape skills, etc. I mean, you can keep but you should prolly try to focus the rest your points in fire or osmething like that.

Skull Bash

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The whole dual elementalist idea is pretty intriguing to me, and definitely looks like it deserves some attention, I just think maybe you need to focus more on certain skills and max and then synergize them instead of a point here and a couple there.


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Re: EVAL: Armageddon/Hurricane Druid

hey c2k2e,

armageddon/hurricane druid is a challening build! i built and failed the first time. But the second time i refined the build to create a druid that would cast and forget A/H and then fight like a barb or paladin (just not as strong :p)

you can solo hell with the build, but as people say, it is gear dependant and you can miss a skill point.

my armageddon damage was 4.1-4.7k in the end roughly and whirlwind was about 1.3-1.5k and i used CA to defend myself and then built my druid around being able to take some pain! like max blocking and tough gear and defense rating. +8 to all skills is the main boost as if you synergise properly it boosts your elemental damage insanely. act 2 and 5 in hell will drive you pretty crazy! but its fun :] PM me if you want my skill outline and ideal gears!