[EuSCL]Weathersorc build


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[EuSCL]Weathersorc build

Hi, I had already taken two conventional paladins (uber-runner and hammerdin), a meteorb sorc, a WW barb and a kicksin up into the mid-eighties in levels, and decided to try something different.

I wanted a build that I thought would have absolutely no chance in hell, just for fun, and came up with the Weather sorc. Unfortunately, she does rather well! At least up until act 4 Hell or so she does.

The build so far is:

20 Thunderstorm
13 Lighning mastery (In the process of maxing this)
20 Frozen orb (Wanted more maneuvarability than blizz could provide, I justified this by thinking of it as lobbing a big snowball :rolleyes:)
20 Cold mastery
+ all prereqs, teleport and warmth = 13

total 86 points spent so far at level 76 (I am just about to run Izual).

Gear is:

Um'd Shako
Mara's 25
Eschuta's 20 light + 5/5 light facet
upped Magefist
War trav's
2 x soj
16/10/9 anni
20/20 torch
6 x light skillers.

My Thunderstorm is now doing 2600 - 3200 damage per hit, my orb is nearing 550 damage a shard with enemy res at -205 %, cutting through pretty much everything but the seriously cold immune. My question is, what shall I do next? I'm obviously going to max Lightning mastery, as this will top out my Thunderstorm at a hefty 3200 - 3700, but I'm wondering what to do after that? I can put two points in LM from Izual, then thats 5 more levels to max leaving me at 81, I would like to take her to 90 or so (achievable, without having direly boring 1000+ runs of baal to contend with per level), giving me another 9 points to play with. Dumping them into CL will top me out at 6 - 3600 odd, which doesnt really seem worth it, whereas if I whack them in Ice bolt for the Orb synergy, I gain a paltry 100 damage per shard. Neither of these options appeal, so I was thinking of either, dumping them in Blizzard (This would stay true to my original theme of the Weather sorc), but this only results in about 1000 damageish, or and this is the one I'm leaning towards, getting the prereqs and dumping the points in Fire wall. This gives me a third element to play with, netting me around 1800 fire damage/second, but completely takes away from my weathersorc idea... ah well I think I did for that already!

What do you all think? This is an entirely pointless build, and one I went for because I got a little rich, and if I could do it over again, I would probably go with blizzard instead of FO , but nevertheless its enjoyable, and quite capable of soloing pretty much anywhere with a good merc.