[EUSCL] Trying to get Vex


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Hey y'all.

i'm trying to get my hands on a Vex rune so i can make a Hoto but i don't know what it's worth or how rare it is.

I don't have much to trade with so please excuse my ignorance :) Thanks


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Welcome to the forums!

The Europe trading forum is for trading itself, not about asking what to offer, so I moved this thread into the trade value forum. Once you know what to offer for a Vex rune, you can make another thread in the Europe trading forum, of course... assuming that you are following the trading rules here, of course.

I'm assuming that this is about Europe softcore ladder, hence the [EUSCL] tag.


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It's pretty rare, as any higher rune is. I'd suggest you trade for lower runes (Pul-Ist) and then upcube/buy Vex. You need 4 Ist (or 8 Mal, or 16 Um, or 32 Pul) to cube Vex and around 3 Ist to buy one.

Also I suggest you check this forum post for trade values overview. Actual prices may be a bit lower at the moment, but in general the guide is very useful.