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[EuScL] Team for rushing, running

Discussion in 'Player Matchup' started by kuzanth, May 24, 2008.

  1. kuzanth

    kuzanth IncGamers Member

    Jun 10, 2007
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    [EuScL] Team for rushing, running


    Im looking for a team in which we can arrange rushing, baal/dia runs, full clears at wsk lvl1-throne.

    Runs/full clears : any type of chars, lvl80+

    Rushes : from normal to hell, with 6 low lvl char to rush, and with 1-1 high lvl caster/melee chars (soso or furyzon + barb or pala mainly).

    I need only trustworthy and mainly rich players, who wont steal items from front of the others' nose, :) and if he finds a good item, he shares the loot after selling. After all, the more players in game, the more items will be droped!

    So, the first event i want to arrange is a rushing. I name it "Kuz-rush-01". In the first run, i can play the role of one of the caster (lvl92 furyzon or lvl91 orb+fball soso) or a melee (lvl91 frenzy barb). I need the followings :

    1. caster (i can be this one)
    2. melee
    (i can be this one)
    3. rush (i can be this one)
    4. rush
    5. rush
    6. rush
    7. rush
    8. rush

    Its not a one time event, so i ask everyone who will sign in to be part of the team in the long run too. Lets make a TEAM! :thumbsup: And always leave account name. I am *kuzanth (the ama and the barb is with this acc), *dani_rox (the soso is here).
  2. Coldsmoke

    Coldsmoke IncGamers Member

    Dec 29, 2007
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    Re: [EuScL] Team for rushing, running

    Hey, I can help rush a lot.
    However, I usually play alone, and I never liked the idea of a clan or something like that.
    I would feel to tied up to the group. So I can help from time to time but I don't wanna be tied to this service if you know what I mean:)

    Give me a wisp whenever you need help though:)


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