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Hello all. I decided to make a small giveaway and try to stimulate more people to play and trade here :)

If you want to participate in this giveaway you need to be either a member for at least 1 month or have at least 20 messages.

I'll use a RNG at the end of this week(Sunday) to pick out the winners. First 5 places will be awarded.

1st and 2nd place can pick from:
Hammerdin setup 125fcr : Hoto/Enigma/Spirit/Maras/Mages/Shako/Arach/SandTreks/Raven+10fcrRing/Torch and Anni

Sorceress setup (lightning) 117fcr : Hoto/Tals armor-amu-belt/Mages/Shako/Spirit/WT/Raven+10fcrRing/Torch and Anni + Infinity eth GPA

3rd place can pick any 1 rune from Ist to Zod
4th place can pick any 1 rune from Mal to Ohm
5th palce can pick any 1 rune from Pul to Vex

When participating please pick a number from 1 to 100 with your name beside it and always post the full list for the next one to know which number is still left.

1: abc
28: xyz
99: klm
and so on

If there are any questions just let me know and we clarify them.

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13: Torakiki
14: Eyeback
17: MrTumnas
23: Zarohantimon
31: iomanip
45: Negru
69: Avinchi
83: frums


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Since there are not so many participants everyone gets something.
I'll roll the dice now.

  1. 17: MrTumnas
  2. 83: frums
  3. 31: iomanip
  4. 13: Torakiki
  5. 14: Eyeback
  6. 69: Avinchi
  7. 23: Zarohantimon
  8. 45: Negru
MrTumnas and frums send me a PM with mule detail where i can put the prize or with a time when you can go online.

Iomanip, Torakiki and Eyeback pick a rune pls.
Avinchi, Zarohantimon and Negru i'll put an ist on mules for each of you and send details in 1-2 days.
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Thank you jffun for the giveaway and especially for the consolation prizes!!!

The last place for me means continuing the bad streak that I had this week (lost keys while mulling, made a cta with 1 bo).