EUSCL price check CtA, Small Charm and HR


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I need some advice on pricing of a couple of items I'm looking to sell/buy.

Trying to sell:
CtA (+6 BO, +4 BC, +1 Battle Cry)
+3 max Dam, +19 AR, +19 Life Small Charm

Circlet, +2 pala skills, +20 FCR, +40 Life, +19 Fire/Cold/Poison Res, +38 Lightning Res

Also what price should I expect to pay for Ber and Jah runes? I've seen a HUGE discrepancy with the most recent price guide, from Feb 2017. The guide says Ber = 8 Ist, Jah = 9 Ist. But I've seen games on offering as much as 40 Ists for a Jah!
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I'm a bit rusty in valuating items after all these years, but since you asked I will give it a try. Others must feel free to correct me.

The CTA is worth around 3-4 hrs in my book. I assume it's rolled in a non-sup flail or cs base.

The small charm bring back glorious memories for me, with several auction fights over charms like these I had with great forum-members like Archie, TD, Dizzy, GreenRuby, Whupaz and others (miss you all!). Back in those days charms like yours where normally not sold for less than 6-8 hrs. Unfortunately there is, to my experiance, not that many rich enough traders atm. Still I would never let it go for less than 4-5 hrs.

I had very simular circlet as yours in my shop some years ago, when the forum still was blooming. I then had put a Vex pricetag on it. Yours have more life, and should me worth more. Hard to find buyer though.

Hr should be worth around 24-30 ists atm. I have also seen games offering as much as 40 ists, which makes me feel a bit sad. I hope it's more a sign of desperation than reality.

Cheers, Groo