[EUSCL] PC on light skiller +6 dex and clue for general prices


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I was not played a couple of last ladders, but as price guide for ladder 9 was more or less actual for ladder 13
i hope it is more or less accurate for current ladder too.
Full Tal and average Zaka are still Ist.
Shako, Homu, Titan are still Pul.
But Ber is around 6-7 Ists ...

I aimed at Vex for this skiller but online buyers start with ridiculous offers like Um and the like.
Is it correct that its price is no less than 2 Ists at least?

Also interested in current prices for 40 pgs, 40 junk jewels and other crafter packs.


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Last ladder was dupe fest, and I dont know about the current ladder. So values are very very different from earlier ladders.

A priceguide is only good to use to compare item values. Item vs item.
Not runes vs items necessarily.

I cant help you further than that..