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[EUSCL] PC needed on cold and ele skiller 35+life

Discussion in 'Trade Values' started by theredpredator, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. theredpredator

    theredpredator IncGamers Member

    Feb 5, 2005
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    Im looking for these, I am however unsure about its value. I dont want to be in that awkward situation where I (if im lucky) find a game where anyone is offering one of these and we get into this 'price? make offer?' situations.

    So price check needed on:

    Cold skillers 35-39 life, 40-45 life
    Ele skillers 35-39 life 40-45 life.

    The price guide of season 9 states 16 times its value of um. I find it very hard to believe these can go for 16 ums...


    While we are at it.. Death Fanthom 30 cold and Nightwings 15 cold 20 dext what do these go for? :jig:
  2. Archone

    Archone IncGamers Member

    Nov 22, 2010
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    The Ladder 9 pc thread is wrong in so many ways. Prices change over time!

    Id say,
    Cold skillers 35-39 life - 7-8 hrs+
    Cold skillers 40-45 life - 8-9 hrs+
    Ele skillers 35-39 life - 9-10 hrs+
    Ele skillers 40-45 life. - 10-11 hrs+

    Perf has no value limit, they can go insanely high.

    But someone should confirm that.

    Perf dmg DF? Selffound? :)

    It was worth about 6-7 hrs last ladder. So Id guess about 20hrs atm. Probably alot more if theres a bidwar.

    NW perf dmg is worth about 3-5 hrs atm. Im not sure how the dex will affect the value though..

    Peace and love

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