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I have recently started to play D2 again and found some items which I wish to sell:

Soketed Items
5os Ettin Axe
4 os Dusk Shroud 406 def
4 os Flail
3 os Boneveawe Armor 454 Def +12% increased durability
5 os Cryptic Axe (non ETH) +12% increased durability + 2 AR

Set Items
IK Gloves

Natalya's Shadow - Armor
+3 Sockets
+ 212 def

Natalya's Mark - Weapon

Natalya's Soul - Boots
Cold 21%
Light 17%

Magnus' Skin

M'Avina's Embrace - Armor

Blue Items
+3 light + 15 Dex

Accepting rune or PG offers where the case, or exchanges (in need of Death' Web, TGods, Cat's Eye)

Thank you!
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