[EuScL] Needs and offers - anyone around, yet? :)


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Hello everyone,

after a long break i decided to give my sorc project another try this ladder season.

so in case anyone else is around, why not trade some stuff? ;)

i am willing to give lower stuff for free as well, though it would be nice if you return the favor should you find anything useful for my sorcy.

Current needs:

Current offers:

edit 26th of june:

not tracking anymore due to lack of traders here. should you need anything, feel free to contact me ingame.


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Hey, just restarted this season aswell.

Im interested in the war travs and maybe one of the fcr rings, unfortunately i dont have any of the things youre looking for yet, but maybe youll accept some pgems/runes?



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hey there! sorry i tried to whisp you again but for some weird reason (bug?) my messages just "disappear" without being sent once i hit enter. only happens with /whisp and /f m it seems. normal chat works


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Yeah, ive had that happen to me lately too, checked the official forums and it seems its a recent bug. But ive added you to my friendslist and ill try to join the same channel/game as you


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Hello macbeth,

I've a magefist with 26ed for you. My barb could use your raven 19/234...