[EUSCL]how to get anni?


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[EUSCL]how to get anni?

can anyone explain how to get an anni?
I know u need to be in a game where sojs are sold and uber diablo walks.
I also know u can netstat to find out the ip of the game ur in.
I have a smiter to take him down.

but now where and how can you find out good ip's to look for, i have an irc that seems to be outdated and not very active and some older sites that also don't get updated pretty fast

in the last 2 weeks there where alot of walks and i missed all of them cause the sites and irc got updated to slow, sometimes i found a game that was about to pop but it had already walked and stuff, or a ip was "hot" but no sojs got sold and was on 40-50 sojs sold for days:cry:

so if anyone could direct me to a good irc / site for europe so i could get some anni's and get some nice trades started so i can do some give aways later :laugh:

thanks in advance and sorry for the wall of text

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