EUSCL - Grief Pb +400 dmg


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Hi all, this is my first season ever so I am not sure how much is my (unfortunately non-superior) Grief phase blade worth. I was lucky to get these stats:

+400 dmg (perfect)
+32% AS (low)
-22% enemy poison resist (mid)
+15 life/kill (perfect)

As far as I know IAS is still good enough for max attack speed for fanatism smitter/frenzy barb (correct?) and I guess minus poison resist is not most important stat on it.

I found that it could be worth 3-5 HRs but I am not sure at all what to demand. I would be super happy to get at least BER (chain of honor) + LO + LO (dual Grief).

So what do you think? Thank you for any reply!