[EuScL] bowie hlp plz

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[EuScL] bowie hlp plz

addvice plz! erm i wanna build a strafer, i have a magazon already but i haven been impressed with her abilities, so i wanna remake into a strafer, i have peace, all mav but helm, torch, lyci(several), valk helm and access 2 a WWS if its any good at all, i have sme other random stuff as well,
erm i dont think ill b able 2 get to wf/faith/wrath(this 1 i want the most)
what bow should i use?
-peace arm
-valk/vamp helm
-mav/LOH gloves
-arrows (most ppl miss these oof thier build... makes everything hard not haveing them :rolleyes:)
-boots, not sure, what eva i have
-rings: manald heal/cathan/what eva i have

my biggest issue is indeed the bow... what dmg should i expect? how much ias etc? what is a glass cannon? i like the sound of that.... the answers to questions i have missed! harmony? better than wws/lyci? erm i have multiple guides but most of it has shot over my head, some hard and fast answers would b nice


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What are your budget on your amazon?
If low/mid budget, here are some items that are very handy:
Atma Amulet: godly for strafers, Amp Dam is one of your best firends along with
Razortail Belt: You can only get 100%Pierce with this belt + 10max dam + 15dex, just delicious for any budget amazon.
Treachery: Forget Peace, this is the armor you want. 45IAS is your firend here.
Rings: 1x Ravenfrost, cannot be frozen is essential here, a frozen ama is a dead ama+ you get more dex. Other ring can be a rare dual leech ring or another raven for more dex.
Gloves: LoH, 350ed to demons, PvM almost the only option here
Boots: Gores or Wartravelers
Bow: Wf with 6ml doesnt cost much in Europe, there are alot of threads for almost all bows here. Read and see what bow you find interesting. Harmony bow is always useful to have on switch for the Vigor Aura, will get you out of though spots.
Helm: Depends on how much IAS you need. Andariels Visage, Mavina, Giant Skull or a rare/magic with FRW, Dex, 2sox, skills.

Here is a speed calculator: http://diablo2.ingame.de/tips/calcs/weaponspeed.php?lang=english

Keywords for your amazon should be: IAS-Breakpoints and Dexterity

Glass Cannon means you put every point you can into dexterity, since dex equals more damage for your bowama. Str enough for equipment, rest in dex, none in vitality.