[EuScL] Barbarian Trade Offer


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Greetings everyone.

I have been playing Diablo II LOD on the European ladder as a Barbarian and have had lots of fun on Normal and Nightmare, but I have hit a dead end on Hell. The difficulty curve becomes too steep with each new area, and good drops seem few and far between. So far I've had two Immortal King pieces drops, the boots and the belt. I've been farming for almost three weeks to get some more of them, but nothing seems to drop. That's why I thought I should do some trading. I guess I should have tried to do some trading earlier since lots of items for other classes dropped, but almost nothing for the Barbarian. I'm currently at level 80 and have been playing solo exclusively.

Here is my offer:

Have - >
M'avina's Embrace Kraken Shell

Durability 48/48
Required Strength 122
Required Level 70
Defense 1150
10% Chance to cast Glacial Spike 3 when struck
+2 to Amazon Passive and Magic skills
+320 Defense Character level
+350 Defense
Magic Damage Reduced by 8
Requirements -30%

Immortal King's Soul Cage

That's my current trade offer.

I am looking to get the rest of the Immortal King pieces as well, but have only perfect gems and skulls to offer, have around 4 perfects of each Gem and 2 perfect skulls. I have some runes too, but I don't think those are high level. Hel, Sol, Do, Io, Thul, Shael.

Hopefully we manage to do some trading as the game starts to feel like drudgery, and it was so much fun before that. I'm just about to quit playing, and was really hoping to finish Diablo II on all three difficulties. I've managed to do that in Diablo I, but Diablo II is somehow more troublesome. It seems that trading is my last resort.

Thank you in advance.


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I've got some stuff that might help you along which you can have for free, like a windhammer, string of ears, ...
Try to reach me at *littlechampion and we'll have a look.



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Thank you for all your help, mate!

I am now at the beginning of Act III Hell, and I am much, much better geared than before thanks to you. What's more, I'm once again enjoying the game a lot.

I have to say that this community is incredibly welcoming and friendly. Thanks again. :D