Europe WWsin (Endless funds)


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Europe WWsin (Endless funds)

Ok, here we go.
Normaly i dont even go here, im a druid <3
well, i played assassins back in 1.09 (tiger striker sin) and i thought
"its time to give that lady another shoot."

This is what i have to play with, i need your help to combine 3-setups.

1. All round ssetup (what i should use in pubs)
2. VS. Casters
3. VS. HC mele (ie high def/ non casting)

Listing my gear ( this is what i have and could EASY get, if its not here dont meantion it)

HEAD: Shako, CoA (any socket), 2assa 20fcr 30ias/30fcr. 1.08 valk.

Weapon 1. this is what i have and will use! suwayayh chaos +3 light sentry +3 DF +1MB

Weapon 2. Fury Suwyayh +3 light sentry +2 claw block +1DF.
and 1.08 bartuc's

ARMOR. i can get all armors. ie. perfect bramble from my old druid; forti, eni

GLOVES. OFC trangs..... anything else?

BOOTS. 3-res, fhr, str, dex, life.... what can i say

BELT. arachnid, TG, Bugged 1.08 belt. (i know may here hate bugged items, (as do i) but its out there, some do use it, so ill do it to) stats are as follw +1 all skill 20 DR 10%ias +15str +25dex

JEWLERY. highlords, maras 30 res, 1.08 highlords( if more frw is needed) Sojs, BKs
1.08 BKs

CHARMS. 9 times 4x lifers + 10 3/xx/1x anni torch

Best Regards



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If thats the claw you have and the claw you WILL use, then HA!

Get some Runics, or at least Ferals.


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what he wants to say is, that suwayyahs are a rather slow claw class, so you will have problems achieving a fast trap laying speed.

you should aim at 9 fps or at least 10 fps trap laying speed in order to get stunlocks, and this is based on ias. That means, the wsm of your claw is important for this. (its also important for kicking in case you want to be able to kick casters)


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Just traded for chaos runic and fury feral allmost same stats, cant remember exactly right now.

Any other thoughts on how i should combine my setups?