Euro HCL (help!)


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Euro HCL (help!)

Hi guys,

Not sure if any of you will remember me..I recently discovered that the ladder is going to reset so I decided to take up d2 again after a long haitus! Can anyone give me an update on any channels that EU people use to meet (similar to op bananax)?

Just noticed my post count.. 2 posts in 5 years aint bad - lol!

Also if anyone wants to add *esaregood to their friends list so we can get some ladder games going that would be great. I've got plenty of spare time so would be up for getting a team going. Oh - and can anyone rush me through sc normal so that I can actually make hc chars? Thanks!


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Re: Euro HCL (help!)

Op Gauss at europe..

esare good is added, welcome to the channel! (Dyolfs line)

Whisp *Sober. anytime if you wanna game!