[EuN-L] ISO a few lowbie items


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Hi, looking for the following items:

-eth Blade talons 0s
-2 x 12%fhr GC (plain or with other stats, but level req must be no higher than 9)
-ring/amu with +Str and/or +Dex, +AR, +life, +add
-jewels with 7+ max damage, plain or with secondary stats (-%req, +%ed, +dex and/or str, +life, +mana, +res, +AR..)

Please leave an offer if you have one in mind, or I'll make one for you and the bartering can commence :)

Looking to buy most stuff for pgems or mid (crafting) tier runes, but for better jewels and charms I can of course go higher. My toon is currently on ladder, but seeing as it's nearing its end (7 days) I figured I might as well put this up here.


1 x Offensive skiller

17 junk jewels


1 x Ist
1 x Mal
1 x Um
2 x Hel
1 x Fal
1 x Lum
1 x Shael
2 x Dol
1 x Amn
9 x Tal
1 x Thul
2 x Ort
5 x Ral
2 x Nef
2 x Tir
2 x Eth
1 x Ith
1 x Eld
1 x El

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