[EuHcL] Need some friends


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[EuHcL] Need some friends

I need some friends to play with , rush each others, and to trade :shocked: . Cos I found no effective way to do trading in HC......trade forum is quiet, and no trade games.



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Feel free to add me, whisp me, whatever :smiley:
The least I can do is help you mule if you need... I'm not a rich fella but sometimes I find interesting items too :grin:
*plant2_ra (mule acc)


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Add or whisper me too, if you need someone to play with!


PS. I'd like to find a group that could do some fast hellforge rushes every now and then.

Pretty Fly

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Just came back to BigD2 after 1,5 years of vacation. All my previous friends (and old account in forums.diabloii.net) are gone by now, looking for some just normal guys to play together sometimes. Will be glad to help if needed. Playing mostly by nights.

whisp me: