[EU SC LADDER] - Socket Quest Offer


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Hi to all!

I would offer my service of socket quest (Larzuk, A5).

1 char => 1 PUL (1 socket quest)

Full account (8 chars everyone with 1 quest) => 2 ISTs


  1. I create the account for you, not registered. After service finished, I'll send you info via PM immediately and save screenshot of the PM, 'cause read point 2.
  2. Char(s) are not perm'd. If you would perm'd, you need to add 24/48h and 2 ISTs (so a full account will be 4 ISTs and a single quest PUL+2ISTs).
  3. Pay in advance, please (arrange a mule and send info via PM).
  4. Time of realization: ~4h, on evening / night.
Thank you very much!
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Thanks a lot for the fast socket quests! I already used 1/4 of it :)

I will take the opportunity now and ask for 1 more full account please.
I need this one permed if that is possible. Also i don't have so many ists right now so is it ok if i offer you vex+ist for this?

Let me know if this works for you.

Kind regards,


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For the permed, gimme some more time.... end of year -:)

Btw, ok for the Vex+ist, my planned HOTO says thanm you.

Ca you arrange a mjle trade pls and send me info via pm? I don't know when online and with account (starting with ur permd). So please arranve a mule trade with that shiny runes :)

Thank you!


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Sounds good to me.
I'll set up the mule with runes and send you details a little later.