[EU SC L] Eth Archon staff with + skills


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So i found a non magic eth archonstaff with 0 sox +1 teleport + 1 shiver armor.

PC anyone?

offtopic: Would this possibly have use for an enchantress? (BOTD with + skills?)
edit: could try cube it, Insight, Leaf, memory maybe other options im not thinking of.
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It's sometimes used for BotD, e.g. by fury druids (although it's not the best option). It's useless for the other applications, however. Most enchantresses are using a Dream helm and shield with a Passion phaseblade, for example.

Regarding the value, I don't know.


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Ah yes, normal attacks (even with enchant) would not do much i guess :/

Though Fortitude + alot of IAS on the sorc + Might merc with Pride or Act5 merc with Beast or Act1 merc with faith for fanaticism... would be interesting to see atleast :D But even more so very expensive!

Thanks for reply!